Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Recommended Weapons for Beginners

A guide on the best weapons for beginners in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the advantages, disadvantages, and unique features that make them good choices for new players.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Recommended Weapons for Beginners

Best Beginner Weapons

Long Sword

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Has a very powerful evasive attack (foresight slash)
  • Excellent damage potential and reach
  • Easy combo execution
  • Requires  some skill in maintaining high damage


The long sword is a versatile weapon in both offense and evasion. It enjoys both long reach and quick attacks. Damage can be increased by landing attacks to accumulate spirit gauge charge. Once full, you can perform a spirit round slash to unleash a powerful series of slashes. Attack power is increased one level by landing the spirit round slash, capping after three times.

The weapon’s most notable feature is foresight slash, an evasive move that is quickly followed up by a counterattack.

Beginners will find the long sword an easy weapon to learn when starting out. Its combos are not hard to grasp and it grants good survivability with foresight slash. With practice, you will be able to constantly maintain spirit gauge charges to keep up the pressure against monsters.

Long Sword List

Sword and Shield

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Good damage output from simple combos
  • Fast recovery of attacks
  • Can use items and slinger even when weapon is drawn
  • Enables guarding
  • Extremely short reach


The sword and shield allows you to perform a variety of maneuvers and chained attacks with simple execution. The weapon does not rely on any unique gauges or mechanics, allowing new players to get the hang of it quickly. Its fast attack recovery times allow you to easily pull back or guard against incoming attacks.

The sword and shield weapon tree has a wide range of options for dishing out elemental damage. Status effects are also more easily inflicted with it by landing attacks in rapid succession.

The weapon is an excellent choice for beginners owing to its very simple use. Versatile moves like advancing slash and spiral slash can be chained with other attacks to create easy yet damaging combos.

Sword and Shield List


Advantages Disadvantages
  • No ammo management required
  • Grants excellent mobility
  • Good damage with easy operation
  • Can stun targets
  • Familiarity with distance and monster weak points is required
  • Largely requires knowledge of elemental weaknesses of monsters


Bows have impressive damage potential coupled with high mobility. Unlike light or heavy bowguns, bows have unlimited ammunition. Bows do, however, require knowledge on spacing and a monster’s vulnerable spots to perform reliably. While this may seem daunting at first for new players, it is still a good ranged weapon to pick up for its minimal use of resources.

The bow’s charge sidestep maneuver lets users unload charged shots at enemies safely from a distance while keeping an evasive option available. This allows for better survivability than most other weapons.

Monsters can also be stunned when hit in the head with the bow’s arc shot. Though it takes a bit of practice, you will develop better aim over time.

While bows can deal good amounts of damage compared to other weapons, most of them rely on dealing elemental damage. To maximize damage, try to hit enemies with as much of the cluster of arrows launched by charged shots as possible.

Bow List

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