Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Nargacuga Monster Data

Details on Nargacuga in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview and strategies.

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MHW Iceborne Nargacuga Monster Data

The stealthy Nargacuga is an agile predator that attacks hunters with blinding speed. Each of the wings on its forelimbs sports sharp blades used for slashing its prey. Its most distinct feature is its spiked tail that shoots out projectiles. When enraged, Nargacuga’s eyes glow a blazing red. Its signature attack is the tail slam. The move has a bit of a windup but deals massive damage if it connects. After performing the attack, Nargacuga’s tail will briefly get stuck in the ground, allowing the hunter time to counterattack.

Nargacuga Stats

Type Weakness Ailments inflicted Habitat
Flying Wyvern Thunder, Fire Ancient Forest
Health Rage duration Rage Attack/ Defense/ Agility


Name Equipment
Head ? ?
Forelegs ? ?
Reward ? ?


As a returning enemy from previous games, Nargacuga retains most of it attack patterns and gains a new animation. You need to observe it carefully to avoid getting hit by its double tail slams since this attack deals massive damage. Despite all its strengths, Nargacuga falls prey to thunder and fire weapons, so you can choose to wield one of those elemental weapons when you take it on.

Watch Out for Tail Attacks

When you anticipate the Nargacuga’s tail attack, retreat to dodge. The attack can be difficult to avoid due to its long reach. Nargacuga can also slam its tail. The difference between its swing and its slam is that the latter has a follow up. While its slam deals higher damage, it has a longer recovery time. Use this opportunity to close in and punish it with some attacks.

Cure Bleeding

The spikes on its tail will sometimes latch onto the ground. If you attack them, they will detonate and inflict bleeding. To cure it, stockpile Astera Jerky prior to the fight. Having a steady supply of consumables will help return your recovery rate back to normal while fighting.

Interrupt Turf Wars

Since it dwells in the Ancient Forest, Nargacuga shares its habitat with the fierce Rathalos. You might stumble upon them dueling during your visit. If you wish to take a chance, you can join in the fight and deal with Nargacuga while it’s distracted.
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