Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Nargacuga Monster Guide

A guide on Nargacuga in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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MHW Iceborne Nargacuga Monster Data

The stealthy Nargacuga is an agile predator that attacks hunters with blinding speed. Each of the wings on its forelimbs sports sharp blades used for slashing its prey. Its most distinct feature is its spiked tail that shoots out projectiles. When enraged, Nargacuga’s eyes glow a blazing red. Its signature attack is the tail slam. The move has a bit of a windup but deals massive damage if it connects. After performing the attack, Nargacuga’s tail will briefly get stuck in the ground, allowing the hunter time to counterattack.

Nargacuga Stats

Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Flying Wyvern Bleeding Thunder, Fire
Weakpoints Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, Tail Head, Tail Ancient Forest


Material How to Obtain Notes
Nargacuga Shard Body carving, quest reward
Nargacuga Hardfang Body carving, quest reward
  • Break head
Nargacuga Blackfur+ Body carving, quest reward
Nargacuga Lash Tail carving, quest reward
  • Cut tail
Nargacuga Tailspear Tail carving, quest reward
Nargacuga Mantle Body carving, quest reward


As a returning enemy from previous games, Nargacuga retains most of its attack patterns, though with some new animations. Observe it carefully to avoid getting hit by its attacks, especially its tail slam that does massive damage. Nargacuga is weak to thunder and fire weapons, making them excellent choices for taking it on.

Immobilize Nargacuga

Nargacuga makes use of its impressive mobility when attacking. This allows it to constantly reposition itself on the battlefield, forcing you to chase it down when using a melee weapon. Use shock traps to stop it from moving and unload on it with attacks. You can also use any paratoads found around the Ancient Forest to achieve the same effect.

Inflicting sleep on Nargacuga is effective as well. Any of the end-tier Kulu-Ya-Ku and Radobaan weapons are good options for this. Your next attack once Nargacuga has fallen asleep will do double damage at the cost of waking it up. Greatsword and hammer charged attacks will do massive damage if you land them on Nargacuga’s head.

Watch Out for its Tail Attacks

Nargacuga can perform various attacks using its tail. Among the most dangerous are its tail whip, tail spin, and tail slam attacks. The first can be avoided by rolling to either Nargacuga’s right or left when you see it turn slightly sideways with its tail raised. Dodge in the direction of where its tail was raised during its wind up to avoid the attack.

To dodge the tail spin, simply run away from it or perform a superman dive when it tilts its head after facing you. It can also be blocked if you are using a lance, gunlance, or greatsword.

Nargacuga’s tail attacks can be difficult to avoid due to their long reach. Try to cut off its tail to reduce its range.

Avoid its Projectiles

Nargacuga can shoot a cluster of needles from its tail to attack you from afar. It will first lower its head and raise its tail. The needles will shoot out after its tail briefly wags in the air, producing a rattling sound. Simply run to its side to avoid the attack. The needles will inflict bleeding if you get hit by them.

Be careful of the needles once they have landed, as you will still be inflicted with bleed if you step on them.

Be Careful When it is Enraged

Nargacuga’s eyes will glow red when it becomes enraged. This causes it to become much more aggressive with reduced recovery time for its attacks. It will often put itself out of your view by lunging and pouncing around. Adjust your camera immediately to know if it is readying its next attack.

Bring Astera Jerkies

The needles from Nargacuga’s tail cause bleeding. Be sure to bring astera jerky to heal yourself. You can also crouch for a short period to recover if you run out of supplies.

Interrupt Turf Wars

Since it dwells in the Ancient Forest, Nargacuga can be encountered alongside other monsters there. It is common to stumble upon them fighting each other. You could take a chance and join in the fight while Nargacuga is distracted. Be careful as you are likely to take damage in the fray.

Use dung pods to force a monster to flee to another area, making it easier to deal with Nargacuga.

Avoiding its Tail Slam Attack

Nargacuga’s most powerful attack is its tail slam. The attack is telegraphed by a brief rattling sound before Nargacuga turns and brings its tail down on you. When you hear the rattle, dodge to Nargacuga’s side. The monster’s tail will briefly get stuck in the ground, giving you a good opportunity to answer with your own attacks.

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