Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Small Monster List

A list of small monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the materials carved from each monster and where to find them.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Small Monsters

Small Monsters


Name Materials Habitat
Aptonoth Raw meat, monster bone s Ancient Forest
Kestodon Kestodon Shell, Kestodon Scalp, Kestodon Carapace (high rank), Kestodon Scalp (high rank) Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Mosswine Mosswine Hide Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Rotten Vale
Apceros Raw Meat Wildspire Waste
Popo Raw Meat, ? Hoarfrost Reach
Kelbi Raw Meat, Kelbi Horn, Warm Pelt, White Liver, High-quality Pelt (high rank) Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands
Gastodon Gastodon Carapace, Gastodon Horn Elder’s Recess


Name Materials Habitat
Vespoid Vespoid Shell, Vespoid Wing, Monster Fluid, Vespoid Carapace (high rank), Vespoid Innerwing (high rank), Monster Broth(high rank) All Locations
Hornetaur Hornetaur, Shell, Hornetaur Wing, Monster Fluid, Hornetaur Head, Hornetaur Carapace (high rank), Hornetaur Innerwing (high rank), Monster Broth (high rank) Rotten Vale


Name Materials Habitat
Mernos Raw Meat, Wingdrake Hide, Wingdrake Hide+ Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Noios Wingdrake Hide, Screamer Sac, Wingdrake Hide+ Wildspire Waste
Raphinos Raw Meat, Wingdrake Hide Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale
Barnos Wingdrake Hide, Barnos Hide (high rank), Barnos Talon (high rank) Elder’s Recess, Great Ravine, Everstream
Cortos ? Hoarfrost Reach

Fanged Wyverns

Name Materials Habitat
Jagras Jagras Hide, Jagras Scale, Sharp Claw, Jagras Hide+ (high rank), Jagras Scale+ (high rank), Piercing Claw (high rank) Ancient Forest
Shamos Shamos Hide, Shamos Scale, Sharp Claw, Shamos Hide+ (high rank), Shamos Scale (high rank) Coral Highlands
Girros Girros Hide, Girros Scale, Girros Fang Rotten Vale

Aquatic Wyverns

Name Materials Habitat
Gajau Gajau Whisker, Gajau Skin, Gajau Scale (high rank), Grand Gajau Whisker (high rank) Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste

Unknown Species

Name Materials Habitat
Gajalaka Poison Knife, Sleep Knife, Paralysis Knide, First-aid Med, EZ Ration All locations
Boaboa ? Hoarfrost Reach
Wulg ? Hoarfrost Reach

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