Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Zorah Magdaros Monster Guide

A guide on Zorah Magdaros in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana

Zorah Magdaros

An elder dragon that behaves like a volcano, Zorah Magdaros resembles a turtle with a craggy shell. Being a mysterious entity, not even the Research Commission knows the reason for its migration.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Elder Dragon Fire Fireblight Dragon, Water
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, Chest (Center,) Chest Outer Head, Chest (Center) Great Ravine, Everstream


Material How to Obtain Notes
Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale Quest Reward
Zorah Magdaros Ridge Quest Reward
Zorah Magdaros Pleura Quest Reward
  • Break Chest
Zorah Magdaros Magma Quest Reward
  • Break Head
Zorah Magdaros Carapace Quest Reward
  • Drop or Break Magmacore
Zorah Magdaros Gem Quest Reward


Use a Mounted Weapon

Zorah Magdaros has a tough shell that can withstand normal attacks. Use either a cannon or ballista to whittle down its health.

Break All Three Cores

The cores are latched onto Zorah Magdaros, making them difficult to break. You need to find an opening to mount the dragon and break them. While it isn’t imperative to destroy all cores, you will earn more materials for doing so.

Stop Zorah Magdaros from Breaching

Later on, the battle will shift to the surface. Get back to a cannon or ballista and continue firing at Zorah Magdaros. Speak to the NPC in charge of the cannons to expedite the process. You have to defeat the dragon before the barrier’s health runs out.

Repel it for Good using the Dragonator

After weakening Zorah Magdaros, you will be tasked with piloting the Dragonator. Head down to the ship underneath and operate the lever to activate the drill. Continue to use the drill to finish the battle.
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