Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Recommended Armor Sets for Great Sword

Recommended armor sets for when using the great sword in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the best armor pieces to use as you progress from early to late game.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Great Sword Armor Sets

Great Sword Armor Sets

The great sword benefits from any skills that increase attack power and affinity to deal massive damage with its true charged slash. Utility skills such as focus, quick sheathe, and earplugs are also helpful, though their usefulness varies depending on your playstyle.

Recommended Skills

Skill Effect
Weakness Exploit Increases affinity when attacking monster weak points.
Handicraft Increases the sharpness of your weapon for more damage.
Critical Boost Increases critical hit damage. Useful even at level 1 by increasing critical hit damage to 130%.
Critical Draw Critical hit guaranteed for draw attacks. A core skill for the hit-and-run great sword playstyle.
Non-elemental Boost Greatly increases attack power of non-elemental weapons.
Focus Shortens the charge time of charged attacks. One of the most important utility skills for the true charged slash great sword playstyle.
Earplugs Prevents monster roars from interrupting you during charging. It is possible to negate the effect of roars by performing a tackle at the right moment, though it takes some practice.
Quick Sheathe Increases sheathing speed. Makes it easier to get out of harm’s way after attacking.

Rarity 3

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Jagras Helm Speed Eating (Level 1)
Chest Bone Mail Attack Boost (Level 1)
Arms Kadachi Vambraces Evade Extender (Level 1)
Waist Hunter Coil Scenthound
Legs Kulu Greaves Critical Eye (Level 1)

Activated Skills

Attack Boost (Level 1) Critical Eye (Level 1) Speed Eating (Level 1)
Evade Extender (Level 1) Scenthound

Basic equipment set. Unlike most starting armor sets, it focuses more on offense rather than survivability. A good setup to get a feel for the great sword’s playstyle of making each strike count. Scenthound offers good utility to easily track target monsters.

Rarity 5

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Diablos Helm Critical Draw (Level 1)
Chest Rathalos Mail Weakness Exploit (Level 1)
Arms Death Stench Grip Focus (Level 1)
Waist Odogaron Coil Critical Eye (Level 1)
Legs Hornetaur Greaves Handicraft (Level 1)

Activated Skills

Critical Draw (Level 1) Weakness Exploit (Level 1) Focus (Level 1)
Critical Eye (Level 1) Handicraft

Armor set that accommodates a hit-and-run playstyle for the great sword with critical draw. Damage potential is increased with critical eye, weakness exploit, and handicraft. Focus reduces the charge time of the weapon, letting you land true charge slash more reliably as well.

Rarity 7

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Rathalos Helm β Attack Boost (Level 2) Attack Boost (1)
Chest Rathalos Mail β Weakness Exploit (Level 2) Health Jewel (1)
Arms Rathalos Vambraces α Fire Resistance (Level 2), Attack Boost (Level 1) Health Jewel (1)
Waist Odogaron Coil α Critical Eye (Level 2), Speed Sharpening
Legs Rathalos Greaves α Jump Master, Weakness Exploit (Level 1)
Charm Attack Charm I Attack Boost (Level 1)

Activated Skills

Attack Boost (Level 5) Weakness Exploit (Level 3) Health Boost (Level 3)
Critical Eye (Level 2) Fire Resistance (Level 2) Jump Master
Rathalos Power (Set Bonus) Speed Sharpening (Level 1)

Yet another attack-focused armor set. Its combination of skills is extremely useful even when pitted against Nergigante during the main story. Boasts good affinity to trigger critical hits. The Rathalos power set bonus increases elemental damage dealt, allowing you to further take advantage of a monster’s elemental weakness.

Rarity 8

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Nergigante Helm α Maximum Might (Level 2), Attack Boost (Level 1) Health Jewel (1)
Chest Damascus Mail β Focus (Level 2) Sheathing Jewel (1), Sheathing Jewel (1), Health Jewel (1)
Arms Kaiser Vambraces α Weakness Exploit (Level 2) Health Jewel (1)
Waist Nergigante Coil α Attack Boost (Level 2), Stamina Surge (Level 1)
Legs Nergigante Greaves α Maximum Might (Level 1) Attack Jewel (1)
Charm Critical Charm Critical Boost (Level 1)

Activated Skills

Attack Boost (Level 4) Maximum Might (Level 3) Quick Sheath (Level 2)
Health Boost (Level 3) Focus (Level 2) Weakness Exploit (Level 2)
Stamina Surge (Level 1) Critical Boost (Level 1) Agitator (Level 1)
Nergigante Hunger (Set Bonus)

Armor set consisting of pieces made from materials from elder dragons. Wearing three Nergigante armor pieces activates the set bonus, allowing you to absorb health by attacking monsters. Grants mostly attack-focused skills while having impressive utility with focus, quick sheath, and stamina surge.

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Dragonking Eyepatch α Weakness Exploit (Level 2) Exploiter Jewel (1)
Chest Damascus Mail β Focus (Level 2) Sheathing Jewel (1), Sheathing Jewel (1), Sheathing Jewel (1)
Arms Diablos Nero Vambraces β Focus (Level 1) Health Jewel (1), Attack Jewel (1)
Waist Bazel Coil β Earplugs (Level 2)
Legs Kushala Crus β Evade Extender (Level 2) Health Jewel (1)
Charm Earplug Charm Eaplugs (Level 3)

Activated Skills

Earplugs (Level 5) Focus (Level 3) Weakness Exploit (Level 3)
Evade Extender (Level 3) Quick Sheath (Level 3) Health Boost (Level 3)
Attack Boost (Level 1)

Armor set that focuses on consistently executing true charged slash. Earplugs allow you to charge your weapon without being interrupted by monster roars. Maxing out focus significantly cuts charge times, allowing you to land powerful blows at the last second.

End Game

Equipment Skill Decorations
Weapon Wyvern Ignition “Impact” Attack Jewel (1), Attack Jewel (1)
Head Dragonking Eyepatch α Weakness Exploit (Level 2) Exploiter Jewel (2)
Chest Drachen Mail α Critical Eye (Level 2), Critical Boost (Level 1) Exploiter Jewel (2)
Arms Drachen Vambraces α Critical Eye (Level 2), Attack Boost (Level 2) Critical Boost Jewel (2), Critical Boost Jewel (2)
Waist Drachen Coil α Critical Eye (Level 2), Power Prolonger (Level 1) Elementless Jewel (1)
Legs Nergigante Greaves γ Attack Boost (Level 3) Focus Jewel (2), Critical Eye Jewel (1)
Charm Focus Charm II Focus (Level 2)

Activated Skills

Critical Eye (Level 7) Attack Boost (Level 6) Focus (Level 3)
Weakness Exploit (Level 3) Critical Boost (Level 3) Power Prolonger (Level 1)
Non-elemental Boost Soul of the Dragoon (Set Bonus)

Armor set consisting of mostly Drachen armor pieces. Boasts high affinity and attack power to deal staggering damage with true charged slash. Non-elemental boost is also essential for wielding Wyvern Ignition “Impact” since it does not have any element unless awakened.

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