Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Recommended Armor Sets for Dual Blades

Recommended armor sets for when using the dual blades in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the best armor pieces to use as you progress from early to late game.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Dual Blades Armor Sets

Dual Blade Armor Sets

The dual blades’ high damage-per-second allows you to easily burst down a monster’s health, especially when in demon mode. The weapon, however, suffers from poor reach, forcing you to fight monsters dangerously close. This makes it almost mandatory to master demon step, a unique evasive maneuver that allows you to dance around your foe while maintaining pressure. Because of this, skills that reduce stamina consumption are vital. Maintaining the dual blades’ sharpness is also important, as landing flurries of attacks quickly dulls your weapon.

Recommended Skills

Skill Effect
Various Elemental Boost Skills The dual blades’ excellent damage-per-second makes it perfect for stacking elemental damage and inflicting status ailments on monsters.
Weakness Exploit Increases affinity when attacking monster weak points.
Marathon Runner Reduces stamina consumption during demon mode to stay in the state for longer periods.
Handicraft Increases weapon sharpness for more damage. Is especially useful for dual blades which rapidly lose sharpness because of their high-damage-per second.
Critical Boost Increases critical hit damage. Synergizes well with weakness, exploit, maximum might, and critical eye skills.
Evade Window Increases the window of invincibility when dodging. Allows you to consistently stay on the offensive up close thanks to demon mode’s unique demon step maneuver.
Mushroomancer Allows you to eat mushrooms. Effects range from healing to enhancing various parameters in battle. Consuming Devil’s Blight, for instance, reduces the stamina expended when performing offensive and evasive actions in demon mode.
Speed Sharpening Shortens the time needed to sharpen weapons. Allows you to resume combat immediately. Great for dual blades, which lose sharpness easily through rapid attacks. Synergizes well with protective polish.
Protective Polish Prevents losing weapon sharpness 60 seconds after sharpening.
Razor Sharp / Spare Shot Halves sharpness loss.

Rarity 3

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Bone Helm Health Boost (Level 1)
Chest Bone Mail Attack Boost (Level 1)
Arms Kadachi Vambraces Evade Extender (Level 1)
Waist Jagras Coil Fortify (Level 1)
Legs Alloy Greaves Speed Sharpening (Level 1)

Activated Skills

Attack Boost (Level 1) Health Boost (Level 1) Fortify (Level 1)
Evade Extender (Level 1) Speed Sharpening (Level 1)

Basic equipment set that offers good survivability for the early game. Fortify is a good skill to have as it increases attack power and defense each time you faint.

Rarity 5

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Rathian Helm Health Boost (Level 1)
Chest Rathalos Mail Weakness Exploit (Level 1)
Arms Ingot Vambraces Health Boost (Level 1)
Waist Odogaron Coil Critical Eye (Level 1)
Legs Rathian Greaves Recovery Up (Level 1)

Activated Skills

Health Boost (Level 2) Weakness Exploit (Level 1) Critical Eye (Level 1)
Recovery Up (Level 1)

A decent upgrade over the previous set, with health boost and recovery up for better survivability. The 15% affinity increase from critical eye triggers critical hits from time to time, enhancing offense as well.

Rarity 7

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Rathalos Helm β Attack Boost (Level 2) Health Jewel (1)
Chest Rathalos Mail β Weakness Exploit (Level 2) Health Jewel (1)
Arms Odogaron Arm α Constitution (Level 1), Critical Eye (Level 1)
Waist Odogaron Coil β Critical Eye (Level 2) Health Jewel (1)
Legs Rathalos Greaves α Jump Master, Weakness Exploit (Level 1)
Charm Attack Charm II Attack Boost (Level 2)

Activated Skills

Attack Boost (Level 4) Weakness Exploit (Level 3) Health Boost (Level 3)
Critical Eye (Level 3) Jump Master Constitution

This set offers a well-rounded pool of useful skills. It is reliable enough that it can be used to clear the main story. Has impressive damage potential thanks to the huge affinity granted by weakness exploit and critical eye. Overall attack power is increased with attack boost.

Rarity 8

Equipment Skill Decorations
Head Dragonking Eyepatch α Weakness Exploit (Leve 2) Exploiter Jewel (1)
Chest Nergigante Mail α Stamina Surge (Level 2), Agitator (Level 1) Attack Boost (1)
Arms Nergigante Vambraces α Agitator (Level 1), Attack Boost (Level 1)
Waist Nergigante Coil α Attack Boost (Level 2)
Legs Nergigante Crus α Evade Extender (Level 2), Handicraft (Level 1) Exploiter Jewel (2)
Charm Health Charm III Health Boost (Level 3)

Activated Skills

Attack Boost (Level 4) Weakness Exploit (Level 3) Stamina Surge (Level 2)
Health Boost (Level 3) Agitator (Level 3) Evade Extender (Level 2)
Handicraft (Level 1)

Armor set consisting of pieces made from materials from three different elder dragons. Prioritizes dealing damage with skills such as agitator, weakness exploit, handicraft, and attack boost. Improves stamina recovery to accommodate frequent use of demon mode with stamina surge.

End Game

Equipment Skill Decorations
Weapon Zirael Elementless Jewel (2)
Head Drachen Armet α Critical Boost (Level 1), Airborne
Chest Drachen Mail α Critical Eye (Level 2), Critical Boost (Level 1) Exploiter Jewel Jewel (2), Attack Jewel (1)
Arms Drachen Vambraces α Critical Eye (Level 2), Attack Boost (Level 2) Critical Eye Jewel (1)
Waist Empress Coil γ Evade Window (Level 2), Health Boost (Level 2) Critical Eye Jewel (1)
Legs Drachen Greaves α Attack Boost (Level 2), Critical Boost (Level 1) Critical Eye Jewel (1)
Charm Evasion Charm III Evade Window (Level 3)

Activated Skills

Critical Eye (Level 7) Evade Window (Level 5) Attack Boost (Level 4)
Weakness Exploit (Level 3) Critical Boost (Level 3) Health Boost (Level 2)
Airborne Non-elemental Boost Soul of the Dragoon (Set Bonus)

Armor set consisting mostly of Drachen pieces forged from Behemoth materials. Boasts high affinity which allows you to consistently land critical hits with blade dance and demon flurry. Evade window level 5 allows for better survivability as well. The Drachen armor set bonus minimizes loss of sharpness, which is extremely favorable for a high damage-per-second weapon like the dual blades.

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