Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Land of Convergence Quest Walkthrough

A walkthrough on the quest Land of Convergence in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the quest's objectives, monsters encountered, and rewards.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi

Land of Convergence


Complete the Xeno’jiiva Assignment
Area Time Limit Reward Failure Conditions
Confluence of Fates 50 minutes 19,800 z Time Expires / Faint 3 times
Unlock Conditions
Clear Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel, Teostra the Infernal, and Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak


Target Xeno’jiiva


Item Appearance Rate
Xeno’jiiva Shell ★★★★
Xeno’jiiva Soulscale ★★★
Xeno’jiiva Veil ★★★
Xeno’jiiva Wing ★★★
Xeno’jiiva Claw ★★★
Elder Dragon Bone ★★★
Elder Dragon Blood ★★★
Xeno’jiiva Gem



Dealing with Xeno’jiiva will take a while due to its large health pool. To make matters worse, it has plenty of attacks at its disposal, each able to take out a chunk of your health. As a workaround, make sure to carry a stash of health supplies before heading out. Another thing to take note of is its reliance on elemental attacks, so consume a Veggie Platter to gain a moderate elemental resist and additional stamina.

In addition, wear gear that grants protection against burning. For instance, you can use the Fireproof Mantle to withstand the flames it conjures.


You’ll want to focus on its horns when fighting on the first map since it doesn’t rely much on aerial attacks.

Xeno’jiiva Monster Guide

While most of your chip damage will be directed at its feet, you need to stay away from them. When it’s enraged, its stomps can cause huge explosions to those near them.

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