Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Shrieking Legiana Monster Guide

Details on Shrieking Legiana in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview and strategies.

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana


Shrieking Legiana is a variant of Legiana that is shrouded in frost. Though they share a type, Shrieking Legiana foregoes most of its melee attacks in favor of learning more ranged attacks. It prefers to overwhelm its captives with a barrage of icicles.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Flying Wyvern Ice Iceblight Thunder, fire
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, wings Head, wings, stomach Hoarfrost reach


Material How to Obtain Notes
Legiana Shard Body carving
Rimed Hide Body carving, quest reward Break the head
Legiana Mantle Body carving, quest reward
  • Break the head
  • Break the back
  • Carve the tail
Stark Wing Body carving, quest reward Break the wings
Legiana Tail Webbing + Body carving, quest reward Carve the tail
Obsidian Icetalon Body carving, quest reward Drops
Cryo Sac Quest reward



Another ice element wyvern that patrols hoarfroast reach, Shrieking Legiana is extremely territorial and commands the power of ice. You need to assemble armor out of pieces which give high amounts of ice resistance. Pair this with a weapon that deals fire or poison damage. Another good choice is a weapon that has an ailment.

Before you head out, be sure to check your bag for consumables. You’ll want to carry a stash of various potions for recovery, flashpods to knock the enemy down, dungpods to scare away intruders, a warm drink to stave off the cold, and an iceproof mantle for additional ice resistance.

Pack your bags and trail behind your handler to start the cutscene.

Default state

Shrieking Legiana behaves the same way as its cousin and is best dealt with in its default state. Being a legiana, several of Shrieking Legiana’s attacks are aimed straight forward. Its signature attack is the dive-bomb. You can interrupt Shrieking Legiana’s attacks by using a barrel bomb. The flying wyvern can also be knocked out while airborne. One way to force it down is to deal enough damage. Another option is to use a flashpod.


Enraged state

When Shrieking Legiana turns violent, ice will start to cover its body. While completely cloaked in ice, Shrieking Legiana’s attacks will gain an added ice effect. You will need to be more careful whenever you approach it as a result. After anticipating its attack, time your dodge to avoid its follow-up. Despite Shrieking Legiana’s access to new tools, it is still a Legiana and will tend to launch attacks directly in front of it. To avoid them, stay on its side and focus on attacking its flanks.

Beware of intruders

The fight against Shrieking Legiana becomes more difficult when multiple monsters join the fray. As mentioned above, you will need a form of crowd control. When the battlefield gets out of hand, use a dungpod to drive the Legiana away.

Dodge the Projectile

Shrieking Legiana can pelt you with a snowstorm. You need to pay attention whenever it glides. Move out of its path to dodge the attack.

Watch out for its Tail Sweep

There comes a time when the wyvern will spin around to plant icicles using its tail. After a tail sweep, Shrieking Legiana will proceed to emit a sharp screech that causes the nearby icicles to detonate. There’s no telling when it will perform the follow-up, so back away once you detect the incoming tail sweep.

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