Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Kulve Taroth Monster Guide

A guide on Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana

Kulve Taroth

An elder dragon coated with shiny metal. Kulve Taroth has two massive gold plated horns on her head. Her body is draped in gold which extends up to its pointed tail. Kulve Taroth is hard to come by so you need to participate in events like the Spring Blossom or Summer Festival. She appears during the special assignment “The Kulve Taroth Siege.”


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Elder Dragon Fire Fireblight Water, Ice, Dragon
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head Gold Plating, Horns, Forelegs Head Gold Plating, Horns, Forelegs Caverns of El Dorado


Material How to Obtain Notes
Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Break horns
Kulve Taroth Golden Shell Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Cut gold plating
Kulve Taroth Golden Scale Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Drop
Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Break tail
Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget Body Carving
Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Cut gold plating, break horns, or break leg
Kulve Taroth Emperor Nugget Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Arch-Tempered (Fury)
Dissolved Weapon Body Carving
Sublimated Weapon Body Carving
Elder Dragon Bone Quest Reward
Elder Dragon Blood Quest Reward


How to fight Kulve Taroth

1 Reach hunter rank 16.
2 Collect gold chips through side quests.
3 Return to Astera, then head up to the hub on the fourth floor.
4 Check the quest board to find the special assignment “Banquet in the Earthen Hall.”

Join a Party

It is tough to take out Kulve Taroth single-handedly, so you need to enlist in a party. During the siege, players from other teams can break one of her parts, which consequently yields only partial points for you if you land an assist. You need to break one yourself to get max points. Assign each member of your team to focusing on a single part. If each member of your party breaks a part, every member will earn better drops. In order to carve each of her parts, you need to break the gold plated horns, armor, and mantle covered tail.

Keep Moving

While it goes without saying, you need to be on the lookout for Kulve Taroth. Sometimes she can unleash a vicious fire breath or scatter flames on the ground to inflict fireblight. Check her mouth to see if it catches fire, then time your dodge to the side to evade it. Meanwhile, you can tell if she’s about to cover the area in flames when she rises her hind legs. Backpedal to avoid its fireblight effect.

Focus on One of its Parts

Kulve Taroth’s gold plating is her weakest spot, so channel your attacks on it. Choose between bladed or blunt weapons to strike its weak point. You need to break her horns to finish the siege.

Check its Status

When her gold plating is active, she is weak to Thunder attacks. After destroying the gold plating, she becomes weak to ice instead. If you don’t plan on swapping elements later on, bring a water elemental weapon.

Initially, you need to start the investigation by collecting tracks and whittling down its health. Next phase involves the use of the terrain. After some time, Kulve Taroth loses her protective covering. You need to mount the dragon which causes her body to glow. Have everyone unleash everything they have for heavy damage. When you reach the third zone, tear her coating off with bombs. In the final zone, you need to shatter her horns. Have someone put her to sleep, then surround her with bombs. The blast should be enough to break her horns and end the fight.

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