Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Beotodus Monster Data

Details on Beotodus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview and strategies

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Having qualities of a shark, Beotodus’ fin cuts through the snow as it closes in on its prey.

Beotodus Stats

Type Weakness Ailments Inflicted Habitat
Aquatic Wyvern ? ? Hoarfrost Reach
Health Rage duration Rage Attack/Defense/Agility
? Seconds 100%/100%/100%


Force it out with Sonic Bombs

As a variant of Jyuratodus, it tends to hide underground. Your best bet is to stockpile Sonic Bombs when preparing for this fight. When the battle begins, track the wyvern down and throw a Sonic Bomb to temporarily stun it. Whittle it down with attacks while it wriggles to break free.

Look for Shaking Areas

Always check where you’re standing. A shaking spot warns you that Beotodus is about to emerge. To avoid getting caught, quickly roll to the side.

Roll out of its Reach

Sometimes Beotodus will propel out of the water for an attack. Watch its pattern when it does this and quickly move out of the way. It might take some getting used to since the timing is strict.

Invest in Earplugs

Despite remaining underground throughout the battle, Beotodus will sometimes let out a screech. You need the earplugs skill to avoid getting stunned.

Interrupt Turf Wars

Beotodus shares its habitat with Banbaro which means that you might find them in a duel during your visit. You can join in the fight and deal with Beotodus while it’s distracted.
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