Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Basic Game Controls

A breakdown of the controls for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This includes movement, weapon, mounted, and grappling controls.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Basic Game Controls

Here is a breakdown of the PlayStation 4 game controls for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This includes movement, weapon, mounted, and grappling controls.

Movement Controls

Input Action
Left Stick
  • Character direction / movement.
Left Stick + R1 Button
  • Character dash (weapon is sheathed).
L3 Button (pressed once) with Left Stick
  • Character dash (weapon is sheathed).
Right Stick
  • Move camera.
Directional Buttons
  • Menu item selection.
□ Button
  • Use item (weapon sheathed).
○ Button
  • Gather/Carve (weapon sheathed).
  • Perform action (weapon sheathed).
× Button
  • Crouch (weapon sheathed).
Left Stick + × Button
  • Dodge and Jump (from ledges).
L1 Button
  • Reset camera.
Hold L1 Button
  • Display health/stamina.
  • Enlarge minimap.
  • Display radial menu.
  • With radial menu displayed, use a shortcut with Right Stick.
L1 Button + □ Button / ○ Button
  • Select Item.
L2 Button
  • Display slinger aiming reticle (weapon sheathed).
  • Use with Right Stick to aim.
Hold L2 Button + press R2 Button
  • Use slinger (weapon sheathed).
Hold L2 Button + press ○ Button
R3 Button
  • Toggle focus camera.
Option Button
  • Open the start menu.
Touch Pad Button
  • Check Wildlife map.
Hold Touch Pad Button
  • Display chat window.

Weapon Controls

Input Action
△ Button
  • Draw weapon.
  • Perform a Normal Attack.
  • Reload when using a Bowgun.
  • Use/Remove coating when using a Bow.
R2 Button
  • Draw weapon with bonus attack.
  • Perform Guard or Unique Weapon Action (when the weapon is already drawn).
□ Button
  • Sheathe your weapon.
  • You can gather materials and carve monsters while your weapon is sheathed.
  • Being idle will also automatically sheathe your weapon.
○ Button
  • Perform a Special Attack.
  • Perform Light Bowgun Special Attack.
  • Load/Remove Heavy Bowgun special ammo.
  • Perform Bow special attack.
Directional Buttons
  • Select phial/ammo.
Hold L2 Button
  • Display weapon aiming reticle (weapon drawn).
Right Stick
  • Aim range weapon.
L2 Button + R3 Button
  • Display slinger aiming reticle.
L2 Button + ○ Button + △ Button
  • Switch to Special Scope (when equipped).

Mounted Controls

Input Action
△ Button
  • Perform attack once mounted.
  • Perform multiple attacks to unleash a powerful finisher.
R2 Button
  • Press button to brace against a monster’s attempt to throw the character off.
Left Stick
  • Move the stick to change the character’s position.

Grappling Controls

Input Action
Left Stick
  • Change position the character is grappled onto.
△ Button
  • Perform weapon attacks while in a grapple position.
○ Button
  • Perform attacks using a  Clutch Claw.
R2 Button
  • Perform a Flinch Shot which unleashes all currently equipped slinger ammo at the grappled monster.
  • Flinch shots has no effect on enraged monsters.
  • Flinch shots cannot be performed with dung pods, flash pods, screamer pods, or knife items.

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