Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Hunting Tool List

A list of hunting tools in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are each tool's name, recharge rate, and location.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Armor Sets

List of Hunting Tools


Name Recharge duration Location
Affinity Booster 180 secs
Cleanser Booster 150 secs
Health Booster 150 secs
Health Booster + 150 secs

Booster List and Stats


Name Recharge duration Location
Apothecary Mantle 210 secs
Assassin’s Hood 180 secs
Bandit Mantle 210 secs
Challenger Mantle 300 secs
Challenger Mantle+ 300 secs
Dragonproof Mantle 300 secs
Evasion Mantle 300 secs
Fireproof Mantle 210 secs
Ghillie Mantle 300 secs
Ghillie Mantle+ 300 secs
Iceproof Mantle 210 secs
Iceproof Mantle+ 210 secs
Immunity Mantle 210 secs
Impact Mantle 360 secs
Rocksteady Mantle 360 secs
Rocksteady Mantle+ 360 secs
Temporal Mantle 300 secs
Thunderproof Mantle 210 secs
Vitality Mantle 360 secs
Waterproof Mantle 210 secs

Mantle List and Stats

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