Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Armor List

A list of armor sets in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne according to rarity. Click on a set to go to its stats page for armor values, elemental resistances, crafting materials, armor skills, and other useful information.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Armor Sets

Armor Sets

Rarity 9

Name Defense Skills Slots Recommended Weapons
Anja+ 650 Attack Boost (Level 2), Slinger Capacity (Level 3)
Banbaro+ 650 Divine Blessing (Level 2), Marathon Runner (Level 3)
Beo+ 650 Recovery Up (Level 3), Agitator (Level
Direwolf 650 Survival Expert (Level 2), Attack Boost (Level 2), Cliffhanger (Level 1)
Girros+ 650 Tool Specialist (Level 3), Speed Eating (Level 2)
Legiana+ 650 Constitution (Level 2), Evade Window (Level 3)


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