Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - How to Earn Zeny Efficiently

A guide on how to earn zeny efficiently in Monster Hunter Wold: Iceborne. Included are quests, monsters, locations, and equipment that allow you to easily earn money.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - How to Earn Zeny Efficiently

What is Zeny?

Zeny (z) is the game’s currency used to purchase items, forge and upgrade equipment. You will progress more smoothly through the game by being well-equipped for each quest.

Earning Zeny Efficiently

Explore Wildspire Waste

Wildspire Waste, which can be explored very early in the story, has a number of mining spots from which you can gather ore and other minerals. These are used to forge and upgrade equipment from the early to late stages of the game. Lightcrystals, in particular, sell for 1,150z each. Just sell them if you do not have any use for them.

Do Transport Quests

Transport quests are great for earning lots of money. These quests require you to deliver monster eggs by carrying them back to camp. You may be rewarded with steel eggs after clearing them which sell for 1,000 z.

After clearing the main story quest ★3 Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi, talk to the Meowscular Chef at the canteen. You will gain access to the optional quest ★3 Gettin’ Yolked in the Waste.  Finishing the main story quest ★4 One for the History Books will unlock ★4 Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest.

Optional Quest ★6 Left Quite the Impression

Once you have completed the main story quest ★6 A Colossal Task, the optional quest ★6 Left Quite the Impression will start to appear randomly. The chance of the quest being available increases the higher your hunter rank.

The quest involves the elder dragon Zorah Magdaros which you must guide on its path. It is a good opportunity to farm Zorah Magdaros materials which sell for high amounts.

Note that the quest is only active for a period of two quests. It will disappear until it randomly becomes available again.

Optional Quest ★6 Chef Quest! Pumped to Deliver

This quest requires you to deliver four forgotten fossils and rewards you with 54,000 z. It can be done in as little as one minute, making it a very efficient way to earn money.

You can equip a geologist charm I or II and shamos goggles to activate the geology level 2 skill. This increases the amount of account items you get from gathering points, allowing you to obtain forgotten fossils more quickly.

Use the Bandit Mantle

Wearing the bandit mantle in battle causes a monster to drop rare trade-in items when attacked. These items are worth 500 z to 1,000 z  each when traded in, making them a good source of money during hunts.

Hunting Tools List

You can obtain the bandit mantle by completing the optional quest ★5 Redefining the Power Couple. The optional quest is unlocked by talking to the attendant at the weapon shop.

Fish for Goldfish and Platinumfish

Goldfish and platinumfish sell for 1,000 z and 2,000 z respectively. Other types of fish also net you a decent amount of money if your catch accumulates by fishing regularly.

Kulve Taroth

The special quest ★9 The Fury of El Dorado rewards you with 100,000 z to 200,000 z per completion. You can also earn more by selling equipment and materials that you do not need. Kulve Taroth weapons have very good stats but can only be obtained as rewards for clearing quests instead of being forged from materials. You should run the quest many times to obtain a weapon you like while earning lots of money.

High Rank Great Jagras Investigations with the Bandit Mantle

After obtaining the mantle, running high rank Great Jagras investigations is a good way to earn money fast. You can obtain as much as 40,000 z by selling the items and materials you get for clearing them.

You can try to hunt other high rank monsters that are easy for you to deal with. Some good alternatives are Great Girros and Tzitzi-Ya-Ku.

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