Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Crafting Guide

Details on crafting in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, how to craft, the auto-crafting system, and recommended items.


Going on a hunt entails eating a full meal in advance and carrying both a suitable weapon and armor. However, items also complement your preparation and raise your chances of completing the hunt.


Crafting requires having the necessary items or materials. Similar to cooking, you need to gather them in the wild by carving slain monsters or gathering them from your surroundings. To get started, head over to Astera and visit the botanical garden.

How to Craft

To access the menu, you need to pause and look for the Crafting List. Hover over the crafting menu to see an array of items you can craft and unlock. If you have an unlockable item, you can check for its missing ingredients.

If you can’t afford to craft manually, you can set an auto-crafting command. Bring up the radial menu by pressing L1 or LB, then set the items that you wish to be auto-crafted. Having this on will enable you to immediately craft an item whenever the last missing ingredient appears in your inventory. Getting access to that last crafted item can be a matter of life and death when dealing with threats. To toggle the auto-craft feature in the pause menu, you need to press the triangle button or Y button. Keep in mind that this feature will recognize the need to craft only if the items were missing beforehand. You can’t trigger auto-crafting if you already have the ingredients in your inventory.

Alternatively, you can use the item box in Astera to bring up the crafting option. Compared to the crafting list, the option with the item box will only consume supplies that are contained in the box. Should you wish to craft with the materials from your inventory using the item box, you need to manually drag them into your satchel.

Recommended Items

Ideally, you’ll want to craft a combination of recovery items and tools. During the early phase of the game, you’ll want to go for potions and antidotes for recovery. To improve the effects of your potions, you need to infuse them with some honey. Similar to honey, you can also combine a blue mushroom with an antidote to add a healing effect. These recovery mixtures will come in handy to prevent wasting time from using multiple recovery items that achieve the same combined effect.

Crafting List

You’ll also want to obtain items like traps and bombs to immobilize monsters when trying to catch them. When you reach the late phase of the game, focus on crafting better recovery items such as max potions. If you’re wielding a ranged weapon, you’ll also be relying on elemental ammo and ammo that inflicts status ailments. If you’re taking on an unfamiliar threat, brush up on your knowledge of monsters through Ecological Research to determine their weakness, then hunt for the ingredients to produce those ammunition types.

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