Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Acidic Glavenus Monster Guide

A guide on Acidic Glavenus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Acidic Glavenus

A subspecies of Glavenus, the Acidic Glavenus’ tail is coated with sulphur that can melt through thick armor. Acidic Glavenus can sharpen its tail to effortlessly cleave foes and obstacles. The rare variant can cycle through three unique states, forcing hunters to quickly adapt to its different attacks.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Brute Wyvern None Defense Down

Fire, Dragon (crystallized), Thunder

Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, Tail Head, Back, Forelegs, Tail Rotten Vale


Material How to Obtain Notes
Acidic Glavenus Cortex Body carving, quest reward
Acidic Glavenus Hardfang Body carving, quest reward
  • Break head
Acidic Glavenus Shard Body carving, quest reward
  • Break forelegs
Acidic Glavenus Spineshell Body carving, quest reward
  • Break back
Acidic Glavenus Tailedge Tail carving, quest reward
  • Cut tail
Glavenus Mantle Body carving, tail carving, quest reward
  • Break head
  • Cut tail
Honed Acidcryst Drop, quest reward



Acidic Glavenus starts out in its normal phase and will cycle between two other phases. When acid begins to seep through its tail, Acidic Glavenus can inflict defense down when you come in contact with the substance. Bring as many adamant seeds as you can to cure yourself.

When it sharpens its tail with its mouth, it will start to chain attacks more frequently. Stock up on healing items, especially max potions. You can also bring mandragoras and mega nutrients to make more if you run out.

Stack Defense

When choosing armor pieces, prioritize those which drastically boost your defense. Having the divine blessing skill is also recommended to further mitigate physical damage. You can also slot in protection jewels to activate the skill.

Eat a fish platter before heading out to further raise physical defense.

Vitality and Temporal Mantles

Having the vitality or temporal mantles let you survive a fatal blow. They will come in handy against Acidic Glavenus in its sharpened state. You can also avoid getting sent back to back after fainting with vigorwasp revival.

Stay at Mid Range

The best strategy against Acidic Glavenus is to stay at mid range. The monster has deceptively long reach, so focus on dodging while fishing for opportunities to strike.

Acidic Glavenus will almost always attack more than once. Wait it out if the monster throws out its frontal tail thrust and jumping tail slam as these are the moves that begin its combos.

Run away if you see Acidic Glavenus sharpen its tail with its mouth. It will quickly unleash a flurry of tail slashes immediately afterwards.

Sulphuric State

In its sulpuhuric state, Acidic Glavenus will frequently try to inflict defense down. Its tail slam, in particular, creates an acid pool that lowers your defense if you step on it. Have adamant seeds at the ready to remove the status. Position yourself away from the acid pools to allow you to move around better.

Sharpened State

Acidic Glavenus will sharpen its tail to remove the coating on its tip. It will become more aggressive, often chaining multiple tail attacks. It can perform a powerful double tail slam that ends with a tail sweep. You can evade the double tail slam by running to the side. The ending tail sweep can be avoided with a superman dive if you are caught within its range.

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