Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Hidden Mechanics

A list of hidden mechanics in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and how to take advantage of them.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Hidden Mechanics

Useful Things to Know

Gathering Faster

Hold the O button at gathering points to collect items faster. You will skip the standing animation and save time.

Laying on the Ground after Getting Knocked Down

You can delay getting up by not pressing anything after a monster has floored you. This will allow you to avoid its follow-up attack. Certain monsters, such as Nergigante, Bazelgeuse, Diablos, and Deviljho, tend to time their next attacks to land exactly as you rise. This prevents you from getting stunned and being left open to a fatal blow.

Sleeping Monsters take Double Damage

You will deal twice as much damage to a monster when it is asleep. Note that this only counts for the first attack that lands, which will wake the monster up. Charged attacks using the hammer or greatsword will deal massive damage if you land them on a sleeping monster’s head.

Monsters can Trip

Most monsters can be tripped by repeatedly attacking their legs. This is because monster legs have a hidden damage counter that builds up as you strike at them. Dual blades are the best weapons to do this with, owing to their high damage-per-second. The counter will reset after they are not hit for a while.

A monster will temporarily be vulnerable to attacks after tripping, similar to being knocked down.

Monster Roars can be Blocked

You can avoid getting stunned by guarding with your weapon when a monster roars. This somewhat reduces the need for earplugs, allowing you to focus on getting other useful skills. Note that performing a tackle using the great sword also lets you negate the stun effect of roars if timed correctly.

Moving while Mounted on a Monster

Monsters will try to shake you off once you have mounted them. When near a wall, they will try to crash into it to force you off. Simply jump to another part of the monster to avoid falling over. Unlike bracing, you will save stamina and stay on the beast longer.

Powercharms/armorcharms stack with powertalon/armortalon

The increased attack granted by powertalon and powercharm stack with one another, as do armortalon and armorcharm for defense. Having all of them in your inventory gives you an additional 15 attack power and 30 defense. Just buy a powercharm and armorcharm again from the provisions stockpile when you have upgraded your previous ones to powertalon and armortalon.

Mantle Cooldowns only Start after Taking them Off

Be sure to remove your mantle after its use has been depleted. The cooldown timer will not start unless you take it off.

Brightmoss Works the Same Way as Flashpods

Using flashpods too often will cause a monster to become immune to them. If this happens, you can use brightmoss from around the map to force a monster to crash down. Other slinger ammo like slinger bombs, slinger toches, and piercing pods can also down airborne foes, though are less effective.

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