Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Kushala Daora Monster Guide

A guide on Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it.

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana

Kushala Daora

An elder dragon covered in tough metallic scales. Kushala Daora summons strong winds to protect itself from intruders. These winds act as barriers to repel foes.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Elder dragon None Stun Thunder, Dragon
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Head, Forelegs, Tail Head, Forelegs, Tail Ancient Forest
Elder’s Recess


Material How to Obtain Notes
Daora Dragon Scale + Body Carving, Quest Reward
Daora Carapace Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Drop
Daora Claw + Body Carving, Quest Reward
Daora Horn + Body Carving
  • Break Head
Daora Webbing Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Break Wings
Daora Gem Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Break Head or Tail
  • 2% carve
  • 3% tail carve
  • 3% head break
  • 6% Silver reward
  • 13% Gold reward
Daora Tail Body Carving
  • Cut the Tail
Elder Dragon Bone Quest Reward
Elder Dragon Blood Quest Reward


Afflict Ailments

You can choose between poison or blast, as either of the two are effective against Kushala Daora.

Focus on the Head or Tail

Depending on your weapon, you need to focus on one part to weaken Kushala Daora. Hunters that rely on close quarters should strike its head, while those who wield a bow will have a better time shooting its tail.

Time your use of Flash Pods

It can be tempting to throw flash pods to keep it under control, however you can’t afford to waste them. When deploying these pods, you need to wait for the gust to peter out. Once its cover drops, use a flash pod to make it fall, then close in to land your combos. Also keep in mind that pods can’t affect Kushala Daora once it flies to its nest.

Plant Barrel Bombs

When Kushala Daora’s health has dropped, it will take to the skies to rest in its nest. When it awakens, it will begin to summon fierce winds. You need to quickly pull it out to prevent the field from being consumed by the harsh winds. Use barrel bombs and strike it with attacks to finish it off.
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