Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - The Defense of Seliana Quest Walkthrough

A walkthrough on the quest The Defense of Seliana in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the quest's objectives, monsters encountered, and rewards.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - The Defense of Seliana

The Defense of Seliana


Repel Velkhana
Area Time Limit Reward Failure Conditions
Seliana Research Base 50 minutes 28,800 z Time Expires / Faint 3 times
Unlock Conditions
Clear The Thunderous Troublemaker, The Disintegrating Blade, and Bad Friends, Great Enemies


Target Velkhana


Item Rate



Having high ice resistance is recommended for fighting Velkhana. You can wear pieces of the Legiana+ armor set or slot ice resistance jewels into your preferred equipment for elemental defense. Bring the iceproof mantle as well to further reduce incoming ice damage.

Stock up on healing items and nullberies. Having the vitality or temporal mantles will also help increase survivability during the quest.

You can bring some flashpods and flashbugs along to force Velkhana to the ground when it goes airborne. It will struggle to get up, giving you a brief period to unload on it with attacks.

Bring some dash juice to reduce stamina consumption while carrying each of the two dragonrazer fuel cells during the second phase of the fight.

Repeling Velkhana

Your main task during the first phase of the fight is to keep Velkhana from destroying the barricade. Keep Velkhana busy until the commission’s hunters finish preparing the dragonrazer. Artillery pieces will be positioned west and south of the starting area. Use them to deal massive damage to Velkhana to draw its attention to you. Distract Velkhana until the commission’s hunters finish preparing the dragonrazer.

Velkhana Monster Guide

When the dragonrazer is ready, run up to the path on the right and follow the markers to the dragonrazer. You will need to load it with two fuel cells to fire it. Once you have deposited the two cells, Velkhana will have almost destroyed the barrier. When it does, the commission’s hunters will bind it again, allowing you shoot Velkhana with the dragonrazer. If it manages to break free before you can shoot, lead Velkhana in front of the dragonrazer and the commission’s hunters will bind it again.

The quest will be completed upon landing a shot on Velkhana.

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