Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Monster List

List of monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This includes their monster types and habitat.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana

List of Monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne


Name of Monster Monster Type Monster Habitat
Ancient Leshen Large monster Ancient Forest
Anjanath Brute Wyvern Ancient Forest
Azure Rathalos Flying Wyvern Ancient Forest
Elder’s Recess
Barroth Brute Wyvern Wildspire Waste
Bazelguese Flying Wyvern Ancient Forest
Coral Highlands
Elder’s Recess
Rotten Vale
Wildspire Waste
Behemoth Elder Dragon Elder’s Recess
Black Diablos Flying Wyvern Wildspire Waste
Deviljho Brute Wyvern All Locations
Diablos  Flying Wyvern Wildspire Waste
Dodogama Fanged Wyvern Elder’s Recess
Great Girros Fanged Wyvern Rotten Vale
Great Jagras Large Monster Ancient Forest
Jyuratodus Aquatic Wyvern Wildspire Waste
Kirin Elder Dragon Coral Highlands
Kulu-Ya-Ku Large Monster Ancient Forest
Wildspire Waste
Kulve Taroth Elder Dragon Caverns of El Dorado
Kushala Daora Elder dragon Ancient Forest
Elder’s Recess
Lavasioth Aquatic Wyvern Elder’s Recess
Legiana Flying Wyvern Coral Highlands
Leshen Large Monster Ancient Forest
Negigante Elder Dragon Elder’s Recess
Odogaron Fanged Wyvern Coral Highlands
Rotten Vale
Paolumu Large Monster Coral Highlands
Pink Rathian Flying Wyvern Coral Highlands
Pukei-Pukei Bird Wyvern Ancient Forest
Wildspire Waste
Radobaan Brute Wyvern Rotten Vale
Rathalos Flying Wyvern Ancient Forest
Elder’s Recess
Rathian Flying Wyvern Ancient Forest
Coral Highlands
Teostra Elder Dragon Elder’s Recess
Wildspire Waste
Tobi-Kadachi Fanged Wyvern Ancient Forest
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Bird Wyvern Coral Highlands
Uragaan Brute Wyvern Elder’s Recess
Vaal Hazak Elder Dragon Rotten Vale
Xeno’jiiva Elder Dragon Elder’s Recess
Zorah Magdaros Elder Dragon Everstream
Great Ravine

Expansion Monsters

Name of Monster Monster Type Monster Habitat
Acidic Glavenus Wyvern Hoarfrost Reach
Banbaro  Brute
Hoarfrost Reach
Barioth  Flying Wyvern Hoarfrost Reach
Beotodus Aquatic Wyvern Hoarfrost Reach
Brachydios Brute Wyvern Elder’s Recess
Coral Pukei-Pukei Bird Wyvern Coral Highlands
Ebony Odogaron Fanged Wyvern Coral Highlands
Fulgur Anjanath Brute Wyvern Hoarfrost Reach
Glavenus Brute Wyvern Ancient Forest
Namielle Elder Dragon Coral Highlands
Nargacuga Flying Wyvern Ancient Forest
Nightshade Paolumu  Flying Wyvern
Rajang Fanged Wyvern
Shrieking Legiana  Flying Wyvern
Tigrex Flying Wyvern Ancient Forest
Velkhana Elder Dragon Hoarfrost Reach
Viper Tobi-Kadachi Fanged Wyvern Hoarfrost Reach
Zinogre Fanged Wyvern

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  1. Hey guys,
    Great guide by the way thank you it’s help me reference a lot of monster attacks! Enemies like Teostra. It seems difficult sometimes for me to tell the difference from attack being element or blight.
    Unfortunately I can’t find Lunastra??
    Now I could have missed it, or maybe it’s been taken down. Either way I hope you can update it soon. Other than that,Thank you for all the helpful guides and advice. it really helps take the confusion outta of a game and actually makes that game more enjoyable and challenging.
    Capcom should give your team a free copy or early access to the next monster hunter for the help???? thanka guys y’all rock!!:-)