Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Bird-brained Bandit Quest Walkthrough

A walkthrough on the quest Bird-brained Bandit Hunt in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the quest's objectives, monsters encountered, and rewards.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Bird-brained Bandit

Bird-brained Bandit


Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku
Area Time Limit Reward Failure Conditions
Ancient Forest 50 minutes 1,800 z Time Expires / Faint 3 times
Unlock Conditions
Clear The Great Jagras Hunt and discover Kulu-Ya-Ku during the first expedition.


Target Kulu-Ya-Ku
Intruders Rathalos
Other Aptonoth, Mernos, Jagras


Item Rate
Armor Sphere x1
Ancient Bone x1 ★★★
Machalite Ore x1 ★★★
Bitterbug x3 ★★★
Monster Bone S x1 ★★★★
Iron Ore x1 ★★★
Honey x3 ★★★


Finding Kulu-Ya-Ku during the Expedition

To unlock the quest, you must have gone on your first expedition and found Kulu-Ya-Ku at the new campsite. To trigger the encounter, head to area 12 during the Ancient Forest expedition and talk to the hunter there. He will show you the location of a new area to set up camp. Kulu-Ya-Ku will be there when you arrive.


Kulu-Ya-Ku is an agile monster that moves around a lot. Using wide-swinging melee weapons like the long sword, great sword, or switch axe allows you to clip it as it dashes around the area. You will need to do a bit more chasing if you are using dual blades or sword and shield.

Kulu-Ya-Ku Monster Guide

Be very careful when Kulu-Ya-Ku is holding a rock as it will throw out powerful attacks with it. Do not engage it head-on, as it can also use the rock as shield to block frontal strikes. Attack it from the side instead.

Watch out when you are at a fair distance away from Kulu-Ya-Ku. It can do a pounce attack that does massive damage. Ranged weapon users should be especially aware of this at all times.

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