Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - The Disintegrating Blade Quest Walkthrough

A walkthrough on the story quest The Disintegrating Blade in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the quest's objectives, monsters encountered, and rewards.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - The Disintegrating Blade

The Disintegrating Blade


Hunt an Acidic Glavenus
Area Time Limit Reward Failure Conditions
Rotten Vale 50 minutes 28,800 z Time Expires / Faint 3 times
Unlock Conditions
Clear Mist Taketh You


Target Acidic Glavenus
Intruders Great Girros
Other Hornetaur, Girros, Raphinos


Item Rate



Stack as much physical defense as you can to mitigate damage from Acidic Glavenus’ attacks. It is recommended to wear armor pieces with the divine blessing skill. You can increase defense even more with protection jewels.

For items, bring a full supply of adamant seeds to cure yourself of defense down. Stock up on healing items as well.

Bring the vitality and temporal mantles to increase survivability. Have your palico use the vigorwasp revival to help you pull through when Acidic Glavenus is enraged.

Before heading out, eat a fish platter for even more physical defense.

Acidic Glavenus

It is very important to be at mid range when fighting Acidic Glavenus. This gives you enough time to run away from its attacks or close in to strike. You will be playing the waiting game a lot against the monster, so patience is the key to defeating it.

Glavenus often chains its tail strikes. Because of this, always expect it to do follow-ups, especially after its frontal tail stab and jumping tail slam. Its tail sweep can be avoided by running away or by doing a superman dive if you are within its range.

Acidic Glavenus Monster Guide

When not enraged, Acidic Glavenus can be safely attacked after it misses with its lunging bite and rising tail slash. Be on the defensive when it is enraged. It will chain tail strikes in varying angles which are very difficult to avoid if you are within range.

Acidic Glavenus will tire itself out after its angered state. This is the best opportunity to press on the attack, as it will be unable to retaliate for a brief period.

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