Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - How to Get All Palico Gadgets

Information on How to Get All Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview and summary on how to get each gadget.

What are Palico Gadgets?

As a hunter, you are given a feline companion, or Palico, to fight by your side. These creatures act as your personal assistants and will help to make your hunts more efficient. Later on, you will be able to find Palico Gadgets which increase the number of actions your Palico can perform. In addition, you can send your Palico to interact with other small monsters called Tailraiders. To have them join your party, approach them and wait for your Palico to start a conversation.

Vigorwasp Spray

Your Palico’s default gadget. The Vigorwasp Spray summons a swarm of support vigorwasps that cast healing effects.

At level 6, your Palico can have vigorwasps bring some honey. When it reaches level 10, you can assign it to deploy a vigorwasp station.

Flashfly Cage

A gadget that allows your Palico to summon Flashflies during encounters with large monsters.

Your Palico can momentarily blind enemies at level 6. Meanwhile, you can manually assign them to use traps similar to the shock trap at level 10.

Obtainable Tailraider Jagras

How to obtain

1 Head to the Ancient Forest and locate Grimalkyne doodles.
2 After filling the gauge, head to camp 17 and then go to the Bugtrapper tribe’s camp.
3 You need to swing across the vines to arrive at the hideout.
4 Talk to the Grimalkynes to receive the gadget.
5 Don’t forget to send your Palico out to interact with the small monster.


This gadget enables your Palico to carry a shield to cushion the enemy’s attacks and draw attention to itself.

At level 6, your Palico can provoke a monster. Raise it to level 10 and your Palico can smite large enemies with the shield to stun them.

Obtainable Tailraider Kestodon

How to obtain

1 Go on an expedition to Wildspire Waste and then visit the Grimalkynes’ camp.
2 Converse with the Grimalkynes to receive a side quest.
3 Check the map and mark the tribe-members using R3.
4 Look at your item menu and use the capture net on the Grimalkynes.
5 Head back to the camp and report to the Grimalkynes.

Coral Orchestra

The Coral Orchestra serves as the counterpart to the Hunting Horn. Use this gadget to cast random buffs such as raising attack or gaining resistance. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the buffs will depend on your Palico’s proficiency.

The instrument your Palico carries is based on the level. At level 6, it will play the cheerhorn. When it reaches level 10, it will play the cheerbongo.

Obtainable Tailraider Shamos

How to obtain

1 Head over to Coral Highlands and then proceed to area 10.
2 Defeat the Tailraiders.
3 Trail behind the Grimalkyne to return to the camp.
4 Have a chat with the Troupers to obtain another quest.
5 Hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku to trigger a cutscene.


The plunderblade comes in handy when hunting materials from large monsters. Your Palico gains the ability to steal drops.

Your Palico can wield the default blade at level 6. Have it reach level 10 and it will learn how to wield its boomerang counterpart.

Obtainable Tailraider Girros

Among the small monsters, the Girros’ specialty is disrupting enemies which makes it a great asset during hunts.

How to obtain

1 Start an expedition to Rotten Vale and then move to area 13.
2 Remain idle until you find an Odogaron.
3 Shortly after, a Grimalkyne will appear to check on the corpse.
4 Follow the Grimalkyne to the hideout.
5 To force it to come out, place some raw meat and then hide.
6 Wait for your Palico to give the signal.
7 Talk to the Grimalkynes.

Meowlotov Cocktail

A gadget that allows your Palico to use bombs which deal damage over time.

The first skill appears at level 6 and will allow your Palico to throw one bomb. Have it reach level 10, and your Palico will learn how to use the Slinger.

How to obtain

1 You need to have unlocked the above mentioned gadget to start this quest.
2 Find the Lynian Researcher in Astera and then talk to it to receive the quest.
3 Search for 10 Gajalaka doodles. You can check the map to mark the spots of the small monsters to easily find them.
4 After finding all the doodles, go back to Astera and report your progress to the researcher.
5 Before heading out, bring a Ghillie Mantle.
6 Travel to Elder’s Recess during the evening and go to area 8.
7 Use the Ghillie Mantle and head past the Gajalaka.

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