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Details on Barioth in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview and strategies

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The ice tusk wyvern Barioth has multiple spikes covering its forelimbs, neck, and spine. It has a cat-like appearance and is distinguished by its two massive amber tusks. Barioth uses its powerful tail to smash its prey, inflicting iceblight. Its other notable attacks are its cyclone shot and homing glide attack. Barioth is an agile predator found mostly in freezing locations such as Hoarfrost Reach.


Type Weakness Ailments inflicted Habitat
Flying Wyvern Fire, Thunder Iceblight, Snowman Hoarfrost Reach
Health Rage duration Rage Attack/ Defense/ Agility


Name Equipment


Barioth tends to move quickly which makes it tricky to land your attacks. You have to stop it by force using tools or strike its weak points.

Use Items

Don’t be stingy and use traps and bombs to buy some time. The shock trap can prove useful for locking Barioth in its place. If you’re wielding a slinger, you could also substitute flash pods in place of traps.

Break the Spikes on its Forewings

It can be troublesome to interrupt its movement at first due to its high mobility. Fortunately, Barioth relies on the spikes on its forewings to maintain balance while crossing icy paths. Cleave these spikes to cause it to lose its footing, then close in and channel your attacks.

Interrupt Turf Wars

Barioth shares its habitat with Banbaro which means that you might find them in a duel during your visit. You can join in the fight and deal with Barioth while it’s distracted.
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