Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Behemoth Monster Guide

A guide on Behemoth in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, including an overview, monster stats, materials, and strategy on how to defeat it

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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Velkhana


A beast from Final Fantasy who boasts a huge amount of power both in strength and magic. Large spiky horns protrude from its head and it has a buffed physique. Owing to its roots, you will need to employ a different strategy to defeat it.


Type Element Ailments Inflicted Weakness
Elder Dragon Fire, Thunder Bleeding, Fireblight, Thunderblight Dragon
Weak Points Breakable Parts Location Tempered Level
Horns, Claws, Tail Horns, Claws, Tail Elder’s Recess


Material How to Obtain Notes
Behemoth Mane Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Drop
  • High rank only
Behemoth Bone Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • High rank only
Behemoth Tail Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Cut the Tail
  • High rank only
Behemoth Shearclaw Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Break Forelegs
  • High rank only
Behemoth Great Horn Body Carving, Quest Reward
  • Break Horn
  • High rank only
Behemoth Mane Body Carving
  • High rank only
Aetheryte Shard Quest Reward
  • High rank only


Visit Astera

You need to have completed the main story in order to unlock the special assignment “Visitor from Another World.” Talk to the Serious Handler in Astera to start the mission. Head to Wildspire Wastes and follow the cactuars. Eventually, you will need to defeat Kulu-Ya-Ku for a cutscene. Later on, you will be sent to Elder’s Recess for another assignment, “The Legendary Beast.”

Organizing the team

Behemoth’s health is high enough to make attacking as a party worth your time. You need to borrow tactics from the game it comes from to defeat it. Assign a party member as tank: a hunter that has invested heavily in health and defense rather than damage. Have the tank carry a shield. Another hunter should run as support. This player should have a large supply of healing items to keep the party alive. Last are the damage dealers. While they may not carry as much health as the tank, they are essential in doing the most damage to Behemoth. Have them whittle it down to break its parts. They can also deal a blow to its head to try and shatter its horns, but they’re better off attacking other parts unless Behemoth is fast asleep.

Beef up the Party

Each member should eat food that provides resistance to elements that Behemoth will throw. You will also want to invest in gear that gives health, defense, and recovery so that you can withstand its unique pattern of attacks. Don’t rely on your support for heals completely. Have each member stockpile various consumables as they will come in handy in the heat of battle. A combination of health recovery items, ailment curing its, and flash pods are all good when preparing for this challenge. Flash pods, in particular, are essential for resetting its enmity in case it shifts its attention away from the party’s tank. While not required, you can also have each member bring a temporal mantle to be on the safe side.

Equip a Dragon Weapon

To effectively deal consistent damage to Behemoth, you need to rely on exploiting its weakness. Your best bet is to wield a dragon weapon such as those crafted from Xeno’jiiva.

Stay near its Legs

Behemoth attacks with various elemental spells and melee attacks. Fortunately, a majority of these are aimed forward, so you can be relatively safe when weakening Behemoth by following its hind legs.

Cooperate to Survive

After forming a party, have the team’s tank draw Behemoth’s attention. You can tell if the tank was able to do so if a red line extends from Behemoth to them. Other members should focus on attacking Behemoth while the tank keeps its eyes away from them. Normally, the team’s support should focus on healing the tank to keep them alive but can channel assist spells on others too.

Hide behind the Comets

Behemoth will later shower the field with comets. If your hunter is being targeted, you need to draw the comets away from Behemoth but far enough away so that they aren’t close to each other. Since the tank will be drawing Behemoth’s attention, they need to be extra careful in preventing the boss from breaking the comets. The comets should be spaced apart and intact so that members can hide behind them to cushion the blow of its devastating Ecliptic meteor.
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