Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Story Quest Walkthroughs

A list of story quest walkthroughs for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Click on a quest to go to a guide page with mission overviews, monster strategies, and rewards obtained.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne - Story Quest Walkthroughs

Story Quests

Low Rank

Character Creation and 1★ Story Quests

  • After the opening cutscenes, create your character.
  • Follow the tutorial to reach the research base.
  • Clear 1★Jagras of the Ancient Forest to reach hunter rank 2.
    • The workshop becomes available.

2★ Story Quests

3★ Story Quests

4★ Story Quests

5★ Quests

High Rank

6★ Quests

  • Talk to the handler at the research base
  • Head to Wildspire Waste
    • Find the ???Dragon tracks
    • These are in areas 2 and 3
  • Find more ???Dragon tracks in expeditions and investigations
  • Clear 6★ Invader in the Waste
  • After gathering enough ???Dragon tracks, talk to the chief ecologist
  • Clear 6★ Tickled Pink
    • Anjanath Monster Guide (found in area 6)
    • Upgrades to the canteen become available
    • After completing the ???Dragon investigations, talk to the chief ecologist and the commander

7★ Quests

8★ Quests

Iceborne Walkthrough

  • Talk to the fifth fleet member near the entrance of the base.
  • Investigate the Ancient Forest
  • Follow the Legiana tracks.
    • Follow the handler to easily pick up Legiana tracks.
  • Master rank becomes available after talking with the commander at the research base.
  • Talk to the commander again.
  • Board the third fleet airship.
  • Find a spot to land the airship.
    • After talking to the handler, you will get the Direwolf layered armor set. Collect hot peppers near the camp to craft two hot drinks.
  • Collect Legiana tracks.
  • Beotodus will appear, beginning 1★ Baptism by Ice.
    • Beotodus Monster Guide 
    • Going to a hot spring instantly removes all ice-related status ailments.
    • Continuously attacking Beotodus causes it to emerge from the snow. Strike when its legs are exposed to break them. This will greatly reduce the power of its ice abilities.
  • After clearing the quest, talk to the handler.

1★ Master Quests

  • 1★ optional master quests will be accessible at various locations
    • Astera smithy
    • Astera Elder Melder
    • Seliana canteen
    • Seliana armor shop
    • Seliana shared window
  • Explore Hoarfrost reach
    • Access Hoarfrost reach from the field map.
  • Meet the handler at area 6 for a cutscene.
  • Banbaro will appear, beginning 1★ Banbaro Blockade.
  • Depart on another mission to explore Hoarfrost Reach again.
    • Meet with the handler and the field team leader at area 5.
    • Follow the handler and collect the monster tracks.
    • Investigate areas 6, 7, and 10.
  • Viper Tobi-Kadachi will appear, beginning 1★ Ready to Strike.

2★ Master Quests

3★ Master Quests

4★ Master Quests

5★ Master Quests

After Clearing Iceborne’s Main Story

  • Talk to the field team leader.
  • Investigate the Guiding Lands
    • A cutscene will play in area 1.
  • Hunt Zinogre.
  • After clearing the quest, return to Seliana
    • Master rank limit will be increased upon clearing the quest.

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