Monster Hunter Rise - All Monster Spawn Locations

A guide on all initial monster locations, resting areas, caves, and lairs in each locale for all monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Indicated are the area numbers of each map where a monster can appears and retreats when it is near death.

Monster Hunter Rise - All Monster Spawn Locations

All Monster Spawn Locations

Spawn and Rest Locations

Monster Hunter Rise - Monster Spawn Locations

Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) can usually be found in fixed areas on different locales. When near death, they will usually retreat to a resting area, cave, or lair to recover health.

All Locale Map Guides

Below are all initial monster locations and rest areas in various locales for each monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page.

Monster Locale Spawn Areas Rest Areas
Great Izuchi Shrine Ruins 5
Frost Island
Arzuros Shrine Ruins 5
Great Baggi Frost Islands 7
Lagombi Frost Islands 3
Aknosom Shrine Ruins 7
Frost Islands
Tetranadon Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands 7
Khezu Frost Islands 10
Royal Ludroth Flooded Forest 1
Kulu-Ya-Ku Sandy Plains 3
Flooded Forest
Great Wroggi Shrine Ruins
Flooded Forest 11
Barroth Sandy Plains 7
Bishaten Shrine Ruins 8
Flooded Forest
Rathian Shrine Ruins
Sandy Plains 3
Pukei-Pukei Flooded Forest 11 10
Jyuratodus Flooded Forest 14
Somnacanth Frost Islands 12
Flooded Forest
Tobi-Kadachi Flooded Forest 9
Barioth Frost Islands 7 5
Volvidon Lava Caverns 5
Basarios Lava Caverns 5
Magnamalo Shrine Ruins 10
Anjanath Sandy Plains 4
Rathalos Lava Caverns 12
Nargacuga Shrine Ruins 9
Zinogre Shrine Ruins 8
Mizutsune Shrine Ruins
Flooded Forest 2
Almudron Shrine Ruins 10 10
Goss Harag Frost Islands 10
Tigrex Frost Islands 3
Diablos Sandy Plains 9
Rakna-Kadaki Lava Caverns
Rajang Lava Caverns
Chameleos Shrine Ruins


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