Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Skills Guide

A guide on how to unlock Rampage skills in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are information on how to activate weapon Rampage skills through Rampage strengthening and types of Rampage skills that can be added to weapons in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Skills and Upgrades Guide

Rampage Skills and Upgrades

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page. New information on Rampage skills and upgrades will be added when the game comes out.

What are Rampage Skills?

Rampage skills are special weapon effects that you can activate through Rampage strengthening Each weapon can gain three enhancements which can be attack, mind, defense, attribute, and special effect. Note that it is possible to overwrite any of the Rampage enhancements your current weapon has to any change you want to your playstyle.

Rampage Strengthening Skills

Upgrade Effects
Attack Increases weapon’s attack damage.
Mind Increases weapon’s critical hit rate (?)
Defense Increases your character’s defense when weapon is equipped (?)
Attribute Increases weapon’s elemental damage.
Special Effect Increases weapon’s applied special effects (status ailments?)

How to Unlock Rampage Skills

Rampage skills are unlocked through Rampage strengthening which requires a commendation item called Proof of Repulsion. It can be obtained by clearing Rampage quests in the game.

Rampage Guide

Unlocking Rampage Strengthening

Rampage strengthening is likely unlocked by progressing through a certain point in the main story. More information on how to unlock Rampage strengthening will be added when the game comes out.

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