Monster Hunter Rise - Arena and Challenge Quests

A guide on Arena and Challenge Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on Arena and Challenge Quests, how to unlock, NPCs, mechanics, and list of all available quests, target monsters, quest equipment, and rewards.

Monster Hunter Rise - Arena Quests

Arena Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Master Utsushi

Arena and Challenge Quests are special quests that pit you against one or ore monsters in a closed area. They are essentially time attack quests that allow you to receive rewards based on how fast you can slay the target monsters in the arena.

How to Unlock Arena and Challenge Quests

Arena Quests are unlocked by meeting certain optional conditions during regular quests and become permanently available afterwards. Challenge Quests, meanwhile, can only be accessed during special events and have a limited period of availability.

Talk to Master Utsushi at the Gathering Hub to access Arena and Challenge quests.

Basic Mechanics

Arena Quests have a few key mechanics that make them more challenging than most regular quests accessible through Hinoa (story) and Minoto (Gathering Hub).

  • You can only use a fixed set of equipment (items, weapons, and armor)
  • All target monsters must be slain to complete the quest
  • You can access multiplayer to do an Arena or Challenge Quest with one other player (to be confirmed)
  • You cannot bring a Palico or Palamute for the quest (to be confirmed)

Arena Quests

1★ Arena Quests

Name Availability Target Monsters Equipment Rewards

Challenge Quests

1★ Challenge Quests

Name Availability Target Monsters Equipment Rewards

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