Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Hunting Horn

Guide on how to use the Hunting Horn weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Hunting Horn


X (←) Turn around
A Turn right
X + A Back attack
ZR Play
ZR + X Three-note performance

Sample combos

  • A → X → A → L + B
  • L + X → X + A → A → X + A
  • A → X → X + A → ZR + X

New attacks

Gain Super Armor

Slide Beat is one of hunting horn’s special features. It involves the use of a wirebug to send the hunter flying and then attack in a whirlwind fashion. The attack comes with a status boot, granting invincibility against knockbacks.

A good follow-up

Earthshaker is another silkdbind attack that allows the hunter to drill a blade into the enemy. The planted weapon sends a shockwave that causes an explosion. Since this attack can leave you open, the best time to use it is immediately after knocking down the enemy.

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