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Guides for all endemic life in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including name, location, and boosts that each of these provide to the hunter.

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Endemic Life

Endemic Life are critters inhabit the wild and generally do not attack the hunter. Plenty of them live in fields. These small creatures provide enhancements such as stat buffs or items. Below is a list of the types of endemic life and their effects.


Buffers consist of endemic life that either grant permanent stat boosts or temporary boosts. The former give boosts that linger even if the hunter gets knocked out during the quest, while the latter only takes effect for a short time.

Name Where to find Boost
Clothfly Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins Injury resistance
Cutterfly Shrine Ruins Raises critical hit chance
Butterflame Shrine Ruins Improves strength
Green Spiribird Shrine Ruins Improves health
Yellow Spiribird Shrine Ruins Improves stamina
Red Spiribird Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins Improves attack
Orange Spiribird Shrine Ruins Improves defense
Rainbow Spiribird
Wirebug Shrine Ruins Wirebug gauge +1
Vigorwasp Shrine Ruins Scatters mist
Peepersect Reduce stamina

Hunting Helper

Hunting Helpers are creatures that can be placed in your inventory for later use. The inventory contains a helper cage which holds a maximum of 5 hunting helpers. If you wish to obtain another helper but your inventory is full, you can swap one of yours for a new one.

Name Where to find Boost
Firebeetle Shrine Ruins Causes fireblight
Snowbeetle Shrine Ruins Causes iceblight
Mudbeetle Shrine Ruins Causes waterblight
Thunderbeetle Shrine Ruins Causes thunderblight
Poisontoad Shrine Ruins Causes poison
Blastoad Shrine Ruins Causes an explosion that knocks down large enemies
Escuregoat Flooded Forest, Shrine Ruins Heal
Stinkmink Shrine Ruins Draws monsters’ attention
Brewhare Shrine Ruins Adds nutrients to food
Puppet Spider Shrine Ruins Cripples the enemy
Hiougigawazu Flooded Forest Draws a monster’s attention
Trapbugs Shrine Ruins Flinches enemies that come in contact
Antidobra Shrine Ruins Cures ailment and raises resistance
Wailnard Shrine Ruins Draws the attention of large monsters

Ensnaring Life

Ensnaring Life include creatures that can be used to slow down monsters that thrash around.

Name Where to find Boost
Flashfly Shrine Ruins Flinches surrounding enemies
Giganha Flooded Forest Causes damage when fed

Crafty Creatures

Crafty Creatures are endemic life which provide useful crafting materials or armor spheres. Approach the crafty creature to obtain an item.

Name Where to find Boost
Boulder Lizard Shrine Ruins Provides minerals (crafting materials)
Rock Lizard Shrine Ruins Provides rocks and minerals (crafting materials)
Scale Lizard Shrine Ruins Provides claws and scales (crafting materials)


Below are endemic life that do not fall under the above mentioned categories. The Great Wirebug inhabit spots close to Jewel Lillies.

Name Where to find Boost
Great Wirebug Shrine Ruins Help to reach distant spots
Golden Spiribug Shrine Ruins An item for the guild

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