Monster Hunter Rise - Talisman Guide

A guide on Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise. Included are basic information on the accessory, effects, mechanics, where to get them, types of Talismans, and tips on using them.

Monster Hunter Rise - Talisman Guide

Talisman Guide

Please note that information here is based on versions of Talismans featured in previous Monster Hunter titles. We will update this page when Monster Hunter Rise comes out.

What are Talismans?

Talismans are accessories that you can equip to gain various skills, similar to using decorations on weapons and armor.

Note that you are only allowed to equip one Talisman at a time. This is different from decorations where you can use as many of them as your equipment slots can accommodate. Some Talismans, however, can grant higher increases to skills, making them similar to equipping multiple jewels.

Talismans may also come with slots to equip decorations, allowing you to gain even massive boosts to desired skills in the game.

Where to Find Talismans


Talismans are likely to be obtained from mining using a pickaxe at various gathering points in different locales. As with previous games, Talismans may be obtained as “Charms” which require appraisal at the end of the quest.

It is also assumed that locales where Talismans can be gathered will only be accessible by progressing through the game and raising your Hunter Rank (HR).

Melding Pot

Talismans are also assumed to be obtainable through the Melding Pot by using various rare materials gathered during quests. You will, however, need to unlock the Melding Pot feature by clearing ???

Types of Talismans

Name Details How to Obtain
Novice Talisman Pre-order bonus

Tips on Using Talismans

Coming soon.

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