Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Trading Guide

A guide on the Argosy trade ship in Monster Hunter Rise. Included are basic information on the Argosy, Rondine (NPC), how to unlock, basic mechanics of trading, and trade items (consumable items and materials).

Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Trading Guide

Argosy Trading Guide

What is the Argosy?

The Argosy is a trade ship from a foreign land that arrives on Kamura Village. You can do business with the ship to obtain various consumable items and materials, including rare ones not found in any of locales near Kamura Village.

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Talk to Rondine at the Buddy Plaza to Trade with the Argosy

Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Trading Guide

Aboard the Argosy is Rondine, an elegant and mysterious young woman who acts as the ship’s merchant. Talk to her at the Buddy Plaza to get useful items in exchange for those you find during quests. Note that some items can only be obtained from the Argosy so it is recommended to not miss the chance to transact with Rondine when you can.

NPC Locations and Services

How to Unlock the Argosy Trade Ship

It is expected that the Argosy will be unlocked after progressing through the game’s main story.

How to Unlock More Submarine Slots

When Does the Argosy Arrive?

As with previous Monster Hunter games, the Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise is expected to be docked in Kamura Village for a certain duration. It will then likely return to its home port and come back after a period of time.

Argosy Trade Items

Consumables Items

Name Rarity / Cost Description
Raw Meat ? / 60
Herbal Medicine ? / 300
Energy Drink ? / 300


Name Rarity / Cost Description
Net 2 / 200 A hardy net that can support weight without breaking. Perfect for pitfall traps.
Gunpowder ? / 150

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