Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Gunlance

Guide on how to use the Gunlance weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Gunlance

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance


X Horizontal thrust
A Bombard
A (hold) Bombard
X + A Upward slash
ZR + X Guard thrust
ZR + A Reload
ZR + X + A Dragon cannon
ZR Guard

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Sample combos

  • L + X → X → X → A
  • X + A → X → A
  • X + A → X → X → ZR + X + A

New Attacks

Wait for the right time

Wielding the gunlance offers the silkbind attack Guard Edge. Perform Guard Edge at the right time to sharpen your weapon. The hunter can land a follow-up after using it.

Pair with Wyvern’s Fire

Hail Cutter is another gunlance attack that involves one attack and one follow-up. Using Hail Cutter cuts down the cooldown for Wyvern’s Fire.

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