Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Guide

A guide on Rampage quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on Rampage quests, features, procedures, types of monsters that appear, types of installations, rewards, and tips for clearing them.

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Guide

Rampage Guide

What is Rampage?

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Guide

Rampage is a special quest type in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) that requires you to fend off hordes of monsters attacking Kamura Village.


Rampage quests take place in arena-type strongholds. The objective of the quest is to repel waves of monsters to prevent them from destroying the stronghold’s main gates.

Rampage quests can be played with up to 4 other players. Each player will be able to bring either a Palico or Palamute during the quest as well.


Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Guide

Each Rampage quest starts with a preparation period where you will be able to set-up installations such as ballistae, cannons, and bombs. When the preparation period is complete, the first horde of monsters will appear.

When the first wave has been repelled, another preparation period will commence before the next wave comes. Your performance fending off the hordes of monsters will allow you to level up your stronghold, enhancing the power of your installations and increasing the number you can have deployed.

Apex Monster

Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Guide

At certain intervals (usually after 3 waves), an Apex monster will appear. This is an incredibly powerful and dangerous monster that boasts high attack power and can quickly destroy the main gate if left unattended. Be sure to focus all attention to the Apex monster when it spawns.

Monster Types that appear in Rampage quests

By Role

There are three types of Rampage monster roles which prioritize attacking different targets during the quest. Below are details on each type and the typical monsters that appear for each role.

Type Details Monsters
Monster – Barricade Prioritizes attacking gates and barricades. Must be dealt with immediately to avoid failing the quest. Tetranadon
Monster – Hunters Prioritizes attacking hunters. Can typically be targeted after dealing with monsters attacking the barricades. Great Izuchi
b Prioritizes attacking installations using projectile attacks. Must be dealt with immediately to avoid losing Limited installations. Aknosom

By Threat Type

There are three types of monster threat levels in the Rampage quest. Below are details on each of them.

Type Details
Normal Normal large monsters.
Major Threat Very strong large monster variant. Must be prioritized first before normal monsters.
Apex The strongest type of monster that appears in the Rampage quest. All hunters must prioritize repelling this monster.

Defensive Installations

Defensive installations are special equipment that you can set-up to defend the stronghold against the waves of monsters that appear during the quest. They are extremely invaluable to your objective of repelling monsters as they allow you to deal high damage from afar.

Types of Installations

Type Variants Details
Mountable Ballista, Cannon Can be deployed to attack monsters from a distance and have fairly good range. Note that these must be operated manually and is recommended when doing the quest with other players.
Auto Defender Ballista, Defender Cannon, Auto Bomb  Auto ballistae and cannons can also be set-up if you are short on defenses and are effective when doing the Rampage quests solo (offline). You can also plant auto bombs on the ground in anticipation of the monsters’ path when they enter the stronghold.
Limited Can be used to deal very high damage but can only be deployed a fixed number of times.

Rampage Quests and Rewards

Defender Tickets come with ranks ranging from one to as high as seven. You can use Defender Tickets to forge weapons or gear. You can spend Defender Tickets is to strengthen weapons through a number of boosts or other effects. Defender Tickets can also be offered as Melding materials when crafting talismans.

Quest Name Main Rewards Zeny Rewards
The Rampage Approaches Defender Ticket 1 1980z
 Great Izuchi Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 1 1980z
Great Wroggi Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 1, Defender Ticket 2 5040z
Apex Arzuros Rampage Quest
Bishaten Rampage Quest
Mizutsune Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 1, Defender Ticket 2 3960z
Diablos Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 1, Defender Ticket 2, Defender Ticket 3 4950z
Tigrex Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 1, Defender Ticket 2, Defender Ticket 3 7920 z
Zinogre Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 4, Defender Ticket 5, Defender Ticket 6 9960z
Wind Serpent Ibushi Rampage Quest
Apex Rathian Rampage Quest Defender Ticket 5, Defender Ticket 6, Defender Ticket 7 15600z

Tips for Rampage Quests

Use defensive installations.

Defensive installations which can be set-up all around the base are incredibly powerful and should be used as often as possible during Rampage quests. Just make sure to take out monsters attacking installations whenever they appear to avoid losing too many of your artillery pieces.

When playing solo (offline), it is recommended to install many Auto installations as these are operated by NPCs during the quest.

Defeat monsters to raise the stronghold level.

Equipment found around the base is upgraded and the number of available installations you can deploy increases when the stronghold level rises.

Stronger monsters will begin to appear as you go through each wave during the Rampage so raising the stronghold level is a high priority.

Use Wiredash to move around.

Many of the pods where you can install or mount defensive installations are found on platforms. You can get to them quicker, especially during critical situations, by using Wiredash as often as you can during the quest.

Attack with weapons when the effects of the Counter Smoke and Counter Gong are active.

Your attack power rises significantly when the Counter Smoke and Counter Gong are activated. This is the cue to mount a powerful counterattack and press on the offense using your equipped weapon.


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