Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades Weapons

List of Dual Blades weapons that can be obtained and crafted in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are organized by their Weapon Tree in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades Weapon List

List of Dual Blades Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Below is a list of Dual Blades weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapons are organized by their upgrade paths in the game.

This list will be updated when Monster Hunter Rise is officially released worldwide.

Dual Blades Kamura Weapon Tree

Kamura Glintblades I (Forge)
┗ Kamura Glintblades II
┣ Kamura Glintblades III
┃┣ Kamura Glintblades IV
┃┣ Mud Ripper I (Forge)
┃┣ Usurper’s Fulgur I (Forge)
┃┗ Blizzarioths I
┣ Desperado I (Forge)
┃┗ Desperado II
┗ Khezu Daggers I
┃┗ Khezu Daggers II

Dual Blades Ore Weapon Tree

Matched Slicers I (Forge)
┣ Matched Slicers II
┃┣ Dual Daggers
┃┃┗ Hurricane I
┃┃┃┗ Rex Slicers I (Forge)
┃┗ Morning Dawn I (Forge)
┣ Schirmscorn I (Forge)
┣ Kulu’s Peck I
┃┗ Kulu’s Peck II
┃┃┣ Gelid Mind I (Forge)
┃┃┗ Hidden Gemini I (Forge)
┣ Twin Chainsaws I
┣ Dual Hatchets I
┃┗ Dual Hatchets II
┗ Flammenschild I

Dual Blades Bone Weapon Tree

Bone Hatchets I (Forge)
┣ Bone Hatchets II
┃┣ Wild Hatchets
┃┃┣ Talon Carvers I
┃┃┃┗ Diablos Bashers I (Forge)
┃┃┗ Kadachi Twinblades I
┃┣ Blazeblades I
┃┗ Ludroth Pair I
┃┃┗ Frilled Claw I (Forge)
┗ Snow Slicers I
┃┗ Snow Slicers II

Dual Blades Magnamalo Weapon Tree

Sinister Blades I (Forge)
┗ Sinister Blades II
┃┗ Sinister Famineblades

Dual Blades Jelly Weapon Tree

Rainy Jelly I (Forge)
┗ Rainy Jelly II
┃┗ Rain of Gore

Dual Blades Aelucanth Weapon Tree

Qornu Waga I (Forge)
┗ Qornu Waga II
┃┗ Ro Waga

Dual Blades Sworn Rapier Weapon Tree

Sworn Rapier I (Forge)
┗ Sworn Rapier II
┃┗ Holy Sabers

Dual Blades Smithy Weapon Tree

Altair I (Forge)
┗ Altair II
┃┗ Fortis Gran

Dual Blades Stealth Dango Weapon Tree

Stealth Dango I (Forge)
┗ Stealth Dango II
┃┗ Perfected Dango

Dual Blades Rampage Weapon Tree

Rampage Twinblades I (Forge)
┗ Rampage Twinblades II
┃┗ Rampage Twinblades III
┃┃┗ Rampage Twinblades IV

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