Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Bow

Guide on how to use the Bow weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Bow

Monster Hunter Rise - Bow


ZL Aim
ZR Shoot
A Melee attack
X + A Dragon
L + X / L +B Selection
X Load / unload

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Sample combos

  • ZR (hold) → ZR + A
  • ZR (hold) → ZR (release) → A
  • ZR (release) → L + B → A → A

New attacks

A boosting maneuver

When armed with a bow, the hunter can use Herculean Drawn, a special attack that enables the hunter to quickly dash in the direction he’s facing. Using this attack temporarily sharpens the hunter’s attack. If used with Ironsilk, the draw strength is improved.

Better survivability

The bow also grants Focus Shot, a useful evasive move done while crouched down. This attack encourages stamina regen and can even punish the monster’s attack when the timed correctly which can help a hunter get by unscathed. Use the Left stick to switch directions.

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