Monster Hunter Rise - Tips for Beginners

Beginner's guide for Monster Hunter Rise, included are an overview, configuration settings, and tips.

Monster Hunter Rise - Tips for Beginners


When starting out, you can easily get overwhelmed by how massive the array of weapons, gear, items, endemic life, and enemies. Learn the basics to overcome challenges and enjoy taking part in the core loop style of play to ultimately become a veteran.

Basic Configuration

Toggle the Camera

The default settings are such that when a large monster is displayed on screen, the camera will tend to put it in the center. This is a useful feature since it keeps track of the monster’s position. You can fine tune the settings to cater to your preference to improve your performance in battle.

Prepare for a Tough Battle

If you are struggling to defeat certain monsters, take some time to learn their behavior. Take them on and idle for at least 5 minutes to familiarize yourself with their movements and attack patterns. You will eventually discover opportunities to close in for an attack or find out how to dodge certain attacks before punishing it.

Status Effects

Tips for Beginners

Follow the story

The simplest way to cope with challenges is to continue the main story. You can unlock new areas, increase your HR, access new facilities and gather items along the way which will drastically improve your efficiency as a hunter in later areas.

Get familiar with one weapon

One’s playstyle may not be the same for another player. Like other titles, the world of Monster Hunter Rise contains over 14 different weapons, each boasting its own advantages. Take the time to test each weapon, you’ll need to figure out which one matches your preference. For instance, the sword and shield is suitable for players looking for a weapon that does not restrict their mobility. Others may find that the greatsword would appeal to them due to its long reach.

Best weapon for beginners

Upgrade your equipment

Your initial equipment can only do so much as you progress. To prepare for tougher challenges, you need to hunt monsters and take on quests to earn rewards and materials. Always check for the necessary materials before you start hunting.

Look for Endemic Life

Endemic Life became a useful resource in the world of Rise owing to the stat boosts that they offer to hunters. Some of these include attack and defense boosts to name a few.

Other Endemic Life tend to inhabit higher areas, you need to look for ways to get there using tools. You can also find helpful supplies on these areas which you won’t normally find by walking.

Report to the guild regularly

The guild offers supplies that put a hunter at an advantage. Keep checking the guild to receive recovery items for your health and stamina.

Learn to use the Wirebug

The Wirebug is an indispensable tool in Rise. Use the wirebug to reach distant spots on the map with ease such as elevated platforms. The wirebug can even help you get out of tight situations such as falling from a cliff or escaping an enemy’s grasp. In addition, each weapon comes with a unique attack called a silkbind attack.

Interact with Jewel Lillies

Look for objects in the environment to unlock advanced wirebugs which further reduce your travel time. While the features certainly help with reaching zones faster, there is no way to keep them for use.

Look for Palamutes

Palamutes not only offer transport but also double as capable allies in battle. One of the quality of life changes in Rise  is the opportunity to improve a weapon while mounted. Don’t forget to sharpen your weapons while riding the palamute to avoid risky encounters.

Play with your Friends

If you’re aiming for specific equipment, you will need to take on monsters over and over. Try to organize a party with a group of friends and take turns hunting for monsters that drop the materials you need. Hunting with a party helps in spending less time to earn loot.

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