Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Dual Blades

Guide on how to use the Dual Blades weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Dual Blades

Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades


X Double slash
A Slash
X + A Ranbu (when changing)
ZR Style change / Release

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Sample combos

  • X → X → X
  • X (two times) → A → ZR + X
  • ZR + X (three times) → A (two times) → X + A
  • A (two times) → X (two times) → ZL + A
  • ZL + X → X (three times) → A (two times) → X+ A

New attacks

Easy to use

Shrouded Vault is one of dual blades silkbind attacks which propels the hunter forward. When the hunter is interrupted by an enemy’s attack, he retaliates with a spinning move.

An explosive performance

Piercing Bind is another of the weapon’s silkbind attacks. Here, the hunter stabs the enemy with a kunai that causes an explosion after some time. When the enemy marked with the kunai is struck, the enemy takes more damage, scaling with each blow.

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