Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Features Guide

A guide on all of the features in the Monster Hunter Rise playable demo. Included are the demo's availability period, new gameplay mechanics, playable quests, monsters, multiplayer, bonuses, and how to reset the quest limit.

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Guide

Available from January 8th to February 1st

Monster Hunter Rise’s playable demo can be played from January 8th to February 1st by downloading it on the Nintendo eShop. This allows you to experience new features of the game, including the new map, new Silkbind attacks, Wyvern Riding and the new Palamute companion system.

How to Download the Demo

Will the demo be available again after the stated period?

While it has not been confirmed by Capcom, there is a possibility that a “final” demo will be released in about one to two weeks before the full game releases on March 26th. This is only assumed though based on the trend of past games in the series.

Demo Features

Use of All 14 Weapon Types

All 14 weapon types can be used in the demo and are tied to specific armor sets. Each weapon also features the new Silkbind attacks that are unique to each type.

Available Quests

  • Basic Training Quest (Tutorial)
  • Wyvern Riding Training Quest (Tutorial)
  • Slay a Great Izuchi (Difficulty: Beginners)
  • Hunt a Mizutsune (Difficulty: Intermediate)
Basic Training Quest

Monster Hunter Rise - Basic Training Quest

The Basic Training Quest teaches players the mechanics of the game, including game controls, exploration, the new Wirebug tool, companions (Palico and Palamute), endemic life, and combat.

Wyvern Riding Training Quest

Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding Training Quest

The Wyvern Riding Training Quest teaches players how to mount monsters for Wyvern Riding. This covers the feature’s basic mechanics, how to render monsters into a mountable state, controls, and abilities.

Wyvern Riding Guide

Slaying Quest (Great Izuchi)

Monster Hunter Rise - Slay a Great Izuchi Quest

The first hunting quest pits players against the Great Izuchi, the pack leader of the carnivorous Izuchi. This is recommended for beginners as Great Izuchi is a relatively easy monster to deal with.

If this is your first time, go ahead and take the items from the Supply Box. Once you reach the boss area, don’t be shy to take on Great Izuchi multiple times while swapping weapons to learn which weapon fits your style.

Great Izuchi Guide

Slaying Quest (Mizutsune)

Monster Hunter Rise - Slay a Mizutsune Quest

The second hunting quest requires players to slay a Mizutsune. This is a quest for intermediate players or those already familiar with the series. Mizutsune is a more challenging monster compared to Great Izuchi and features attacks that cause the Bubbleblight status ailment.

Mizutsune Guide

Can you hunt Magnamalo in the demo?

As of March 20, the first demo received an upgrade which unlocks a new quest “Slay Magnamalo.”

Magnamalo is a formidable opponent that boasts powerful attacks which inflict Hellfireblight. You’ll need to rely on the Wirebug to get out of those sticky situations.

Multiplayer Enabled in the Demo

It is possible to play the demo with up to three people either through online or offline (local) co-op. Note that the first requires an internet connection and Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Local multiplayer, meanwhile, can be played even without both as long as you and your friends are in the same area.

How to Play Multiplayer

Demo Version Benefits

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Bonuses

Playing the demo and creating a save file obtain in-game bonuses in the full version of Monster Hunter Rise. Note that you do not have to clear all of the quests in the demo to get the bonuses. Simply having saved data is the only requirement to claim them.

Below are the bonuses you will receive in the full version of Monster Hunter Rise after playing the demo and creating a save file.

  • Mega Potion x20
  • Pitfall Trap x5
  • Energy Drink x10
  • Mega Demondrug x5
  • Mega Armorskin x5

Does the demo save data carry over to the full game?

The Monster Hunter Rise demo save data cannot be transferred to the full version as with other past games in the series. All players will begin the full game on a fresh save regardless of their progress on the trial version.

Demo Quest Limit

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Limit Reset

The demo has a quest limit of up to only 30 which becomes unplayable afterwards. A simple workaround for this is to delete your save file, resetting the limit and allowing you to play the demo as many times as you want.

How to Reset Demo Quest Limit


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