Monster Hunter Rise - How to Reset Demo Quest Limit

A guide on how to reset the Monster Hunter Rise playable demo quest limit, including useful information for the trial version and bonuses,

Monster Hunter Rise - Permanent Events

How to Reset Demo Quest Limit

Monster Hunter Rise’s playable demo only allows you to play up to 30 quests before being unplayable. A simple workaround for this lets you play even after reaching the limit. This method requires you to delete your current save data of the game.

How to Download the Demo

Demo Quest Limit Reset Method

1 From the Home menu, select “Settings.”
2 Select “Data Management.”
3 Select “Save Data.”
4 Select “Monster Hunter Rise Demo.”
5 When the prompt appears, select “Delete Save Data.”
6 Launch Monster Hunter Rise demo to play.

Note that you can keep deleting your Monster Hunter Rise demo save data whenever you reach the limit again.

Demo Version Bonus

Monster Hunter Rise - Demo Version Bonuses

You will receive in-game bonuses in the full version of Monster Hunter Rise if you have a save data of the demo. Be sure not to delete your save data when the full game releases on March 26th useful in-game items.

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