Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Weapon Guide

Guide on how to use the Switch Axe weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), including commands, combos, upgrades, and new silkbind attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Weapon Guide

How to use Switch Axe Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Weapon Guide

The Switch Axe is one of the fourteen weapon types the player can pick when hunting Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon type benefits from its two weapons modes namely Sword mode and Axe mode compared to other weapon types. The Sword mode deals extra damage, faster attacks and explosive finishers while Axe mode have power and long reach.

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For a list of weapon upgrades and weapon tree, read our Switch Axe Weapon List:

List of Switch Axe Weapons

For a list of recommended weapon skills, read our Switch Axe Skill Guide:

Best Skills for Switch Axe

Switch Axe Controls and Combos

Here is a breakdown of Basic Controls and Combos for the Switch Axe Hunter:

Switch Axe Basic Attack Controls

Axe Mode

Input Command
X Axe Overhear Slash
A Axe Wild Swing
X + A Axe Rising Slash
LS + X Axe Forward Slash
ZR Morph/Reload

Sword Mode

Input Command
X Sword Overhear Slash
A Sword Double Slash
X + A Element Discharge
ZR Morph/Reload

Switch Axe Silkbind Attack Controls

Input Command
ZL + X Switch Charger
ZL + A Invincible Gambit

Switch Axe Weapon Combos

Input Command
LS + X, X, X, X Axe Basic Combo
X, X, X, A, A, X + A, X (Press Rapidly) Sword Combo
A, X, X + A, ZR + X Magnificent Trio Combo
X, ZR + X

Switch Axe Silkbind Attacks

Here are the details for the new Silkbind Attacks of Switch Axe Hunters:

Silkbind Attack Silkbind Attack Description
Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Hunter Silkbind Attack Soaring Wyvern BladeSwitch Charger Switch Charger is a Switch Axe Silkbind Attack that requires the aid of a Wirebug to take off. Use this attack to encourage Switch Gauge regeneration.
Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Hunter Silkbind Attack Soaring Wyvern BladeInvincible Gambit Invincible Gambit involves a spinning move that provides the hunter with super armor to withstand flinches or knock backs.
Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Hunter Silkbind Attack Soaring Wyvern BladeSoaring Wyvern Blade Can be switched out with Invincible Gambit. A technique that deploys a Wirebug while executing a slash, the hunter finishes off the attack with a Forward Slash while airborne. If the attack connects, the weapon’s activation gauge completely charges and unleashes a massive explosion.

Switch Axe Best Weapons

Here is a list of Best Weapons for the Switch Axe Hunter:

Weapon Attack Power Element Damage Affinity Materials Suitability
Improved Steel Axe 110 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Low Rank Quests
  • For 1★ Quests to 4★ Quests
Elite Switch Axe II 160 None 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For Mid Rank Quests
  • For 4★ Quests to 6★ Quests
Sinister Shadowslice 200 Explosive 23 0%
  • Coming Soon
  • For End Game Quests

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Switch Axe Highlights

Here are highlights for the Switch Axe Hunter:

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