Monster Hunter Rise - How to Use Switch Axe

Guide on how to use the Switch Axe weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, including commands and sample combos.

How to Use Switch Axe

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe


X Vertical slash
A (repeatedly) Swing
X + A Upward slash
L + X Rush slash
ZR Style change / Reload

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Sample combos

  • X → ZR → X (three times)
  • L + X → X → X → X
  • X (three times) → A (two times) → X + A → X (repeatedly)

New Attacks

Regeneration while moving

Switch Charger is a Switch Axe silkbind attack that requires the aid of a wirebug to take off. Use this attack to encourage Switch Gauge regeneration.

Temporary durability

Invincible Gambit involves a spinning move that provides the hunter with super armor to withstand flinches or knock backs.

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