Monster Hunter Rise - Frost Islands Map Guide

Frost Islands map guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on the locale, areas, map with gathering points, gathered materials, large monster appearance and spawn points, endemic life, secret areas, and how to unlock it.

Monster Hunter Rise - Frost Islands Map Guide

Frost Islands Map Guide

Locale Overview

Monster Hunter Rise - Frost Islands

The Frost Islands is ??? locale that you can explore in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). It is inhabited by monsters which are accustomed to its frigid environment. These include small non-hostile monsters such as Anteka and Popo. Hunters, however, should be wary of hostile ones which include Baggi, Izuchi, and Remobra.


Official Description
“The Frost Islands used to be the nest of a gigantic dragon.
Many heroes lost their lives trying to slay the beast, turning it into a barren place of desolation and death.
In the center of the islands lie giant dragon bones and the remnants of a Dragonship, the final traces left by a desperate struggle.”

Frost Islands Map

Frost Islands Map Information

No. of Areas 12
Endemic Life Brewhare, Butterflame, Clothfly, Escuregot, Felicicrow, Firebeetle, Flashfly, Fortune Owl, Great Wirebug, Golden Lampsquid, Green Lampsquid, Red Lampsquid, Yellow Lampsquid, Lanternbug, Boulder Lizard, Rock Lizard, Scale Lizard, Peepersects, Poisontoad, Puppet Spider, Sleeptoad, Snowbeetle, Green Spiribird, Orange Spiribird, Red Spiribird, Yellow Spiribird, Glided Spiribug, Golden Spiribug, Stinkmink, Thunderbeetle, Trapbugs, Vigowasp, Wirebug
Large Monster Spawn Points
How to Unlock

Frost Islands Gathered Materials

Materials Herb, Ivy, Sleep Herb, Snow Herb, Flowfern, Sunscorned Grass, Gloamgrass Bud, Felvine, Smokenut, Nulberry, Latchberry, Huskberry, Dragonstrike Nut, Slashberry, Flamenut, Honey, Blue Mushroom, Exciteshroom, Mandragora, Flasbug, Thunderbug, Spider Web, Dung, Monster Bone S, Dragonhusk Shard, Icium, Earth Crystal

High Rank: Sturdy Bone, Quality Bone, Gracium, Dragonite Ore, Machalite Ore, Carbalite Ore

Account Items Frigid Berry, Oyster Bed, Money Pouch, Frozen Fossil

Monsters Appearing in Frost Islands

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Baggi Monster Hunter Rise - Goss Harag Monster Hunter Rise - Tigrex
Small Monsters Altaroth, Anteka, Baggi, Bnahabra, Felyine, Gajau, Izuchi, Melynx, Popo, Remobra, Zamite
Large Monsters Aknosom, Barioth, Goss Harag, Great Baggi, Great Izuchi, Khezu, Lagombi, Magnamalo, Mizutsune, Rajang, Somnacanth, Tetranadon, Tigrex


Level 1

Quest name Type
Jumped in the Frost Islands Hub
No cure for the Common Baggi Hub
A Snowball’s Chance… Hub
Hot Topic Hooligans Hub

Level 2

Quest name Type
Plump and Juicy Village Key
A Frosty Paradise Village Key
Out Cold Village Key
Rabid Rabbit Village Key
Hmmm, Not so Tasty… Village Key
A Pale Shadow Hub
Bouncing Brawlers Hub

Level 4

Quest name Type
Infernal Lacrimosa Vilage Key
Raging White-out Vilage Key
Didn’t get the Memo Hub
The Frost Islands Arena Hub
Even Cute Things Have Fangs Hub
Night of the Khezu Hub
Dango Duty Hub
Study the Sword & Shield Hub
Study the Switch Axe Hub

Level 5

Quest name Type
The Secret Ingredient Village Key
BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz Village Key
Shadows over the Frost Hub

Level 7

Quest name Type
It’s Gonna Get You Hub
A Frosty Stalemate Hub

Secret Areas

Coming soon.

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