Monster Hunter Rise - Shrine Ruins Map Guide

Shrine Ruins map guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on the locale, areas, map with gathering points, gathered materials, large monster appearance and spawn points, endemic life, secret areas, and how to unlock it.

Monster Hunter Rise - Shrine Ruins Map Guide

Shrine Ruins Map Guide

Locale Overview

Monster Hunter Rise - Shrine Ruins

The Shrine Ruins is first (?) locale that you can explore in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). It is inhabited by a variety of monsters, particularly those which are the target of the game’s early Village Quests and Gathering Hub Quests.


Official Description
“Once a place where people prayed for protection,
this shrine has fallen into decay and is now haunted by the roars of monsters, day and night.
However, it still maintains its holy nature and exudes a mysterious aura.”

Shrine Ruins Map

Shrine Ruins Map Information

No. of Areas 13
Campsites 2 (starting area, area 10)
Endemic Life Spiribird (Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Golden), Escuregot, Stinkmink, Peepersects, Wirebug (Great, Regular), Puppet Spider, Thunderbeetle, Antidobra, Blastoad, Poisontoad, Firebeetle, Mudbeetle, Snowbeetle, Wailnard, Trapbugs, Brewhare, Cutterfly, Butterflame, Vigorwasp, Flashfly, Clothfly, Lizard (Boulder, Rock, Scale)
Large Monster Spawn Points
How to Unlock Unlocked by default

Shrine Ruins Gathered Materials

Materials Herb, Antidote Herb, Fire Herb, Ivy, Sleep Herb, Flowfern, Felvin, Might Seed, Adamant Seed, Nulberry, Latchberry, Huskberry, Needleberry, Bomberry, Blastnut, Dragonstrike Nut, Slashberry, Flamenut, Honey, Blue Mushroom, Nitroshroom, Parashroom, Toadstool, Exciteshroom, Mandragora, Bitterbug, Godbug, Flashbug, Thunderbug, Spider Web, Dung, Monster Bone S, Twisted Remains, Earth Crystal, Iron Ore, Big Combustuna, Great Whetfish, Sushifish, Scatterfish, Popfish,
Account Items Unique Mushroom, Super Shoot, Wyvern Egg, Wisplantern, Firelantern

Monsters Appearing in Shrine Ruins

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Izuchi Monster Hunter Rise - Mizutsune Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo
Small Monsters Altaroth, Bnahabra, Bullfango, Bombadgy, Felyne, Gajau, Gargwa, Izuchi, Jagras, Kelbi, Melynx, Remobra, Wroggi
Large Monsters Aknosom, Anjanath, Arzuros, Bishaten, Great Izuchi, Great Wroggi, Magnamalo, Mizutsune, Rathalos, Rathian, Tetranadon, Tobi-Kadachi


Level 1

Quest name Type
Roly-poly Lanterns Village Key
Fungal Frustrations Village Key
Unpious Peons Village Key
Help with Maintenance Village Key
Shady Monster Hub
Tired and Feathered Hub
Wroggi Place, Wroggi Time Hub
A Grizzly Encounter Hub
Off the Beaten Path Hub

Level 2

Quest name Type
Grizzly Glutton Village Key
Great Izuchi, Great Pain Village Key
Case of the Creepy Crawlies Village Key
Dead Ringer Hub

Level 3

Quest name Type
Feathered Frenzy Village Key
Supply Run Village Key
Zigzagging Zapper Hub
Twilit Twin Stars Hub
Tail to Tail Hub

Secret Areas

Coming soon.

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