Monster Hunter Rise - Lava Caverns Map Guide

Lava Caverns map guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on the locale, areas, map with gathering points, gathered materials, large monster appearance and spawn points, endemic life, secret areas, and how to unlock it.

Monster Hunter Rise - Lava Caverns Map Guide

Lava Caverns Map Guide

Locale Overview

Monster Hunter Rise - Lava Caverns Map Guide

The Lava Caverns is ? locale that you can explore in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). It is inhabited by a variety of monsters which have adapted to its harsh environment surrounded by rivers of molten lava. Among these monsters are Volvidon and Rakna-Kadaki.


Official Description
“This large cave system is divided into a searing hot area with flowing lava, and a nice cool area with beautifully pure water. It would be a wonderfully mystical environment if it wasn’t teeming with monsters…”

Lava Caverns Map

Lava Caverns Map Information

No. of Areas 14
Endemic Life Antidobra, Aurortle, Blastoad, Butterflame, Clothfly, Cutterfly, Echobat, Felicicrow, Firebeetle, Flashfly, Fortune Owl, Great Wirebug, Gustcrab, Scale Lizard, Mudbeetle, Paratoad, Peepersects, Puppet Spider, Green Spiribird, Orange Spiribird, Red Spiribird, Yellow Spiribird, Glided Spiribug, Golden Spiribug, Stinkmink, Thunderbeetle
Large Monster Spawn Points
How to Unlock

Lava Caverns Gathered Materials

Materials Herb, Antidote Herb, Fire Herb, Flowfern, Sunscorned Grass, Gloamgrass Bud, Felvine, Might Seed, Adamant Seed, Nulberry, Dragonfell Berry, Latchberry, Huskberry, Bomberry, Blastnut, Flamenut, Blazenut, Honey, Nitroshroom, Mandragora, Godbug, Thunderbug, Spider Web, Dung, Iron Ore, Earth Crystal, Machalite Ore, Dragonite Ore, Firestone, Monster Bone S, Dragonhusk Shard, Sturdy Bone
Account Items Iridescent Crystal, Iridescent Crystal, Monster Fossil, Scorched Ore

Monsters Appearing in Lava Caverns

Small Monsters Altaroth, Bnahabra, Felyne, Gajau, Ludroth, Melynx, Rachnoid, Remobra, Rhenoplos, Slagtoth, Uroktor, Wroggi
Large Monsters Anjanath, Basarios, Great Wroggi, Khezu, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Magnamalo, Rajang, Rakna-Kadaki, Rathalos, Rathian


Level 4

Quest name Type
A Song of Red and Fire Village Key
Off your Rocker Village Key
Getting Back the Groceries Village Key
So Hot, It Melts Iron Village Key
THE BEST Quest Village Key

Level 5

Quest name Type
Rathalos Alert Village Key
The Hottest Around Village Key

Level 7

Quest name Type
Evil Afoot Hub
Can’t Kill It With Fire Hub
Seared Situation Hub
Omnidirectional Threats Hub

Secret Areas

Coming soon.

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