Monster Hunter Rise - Kagero Lottery Prizes and Guide

A guide on prizes you can get from Kagero's lottery in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Included are basic information on the lottery feature, how to unlock, and list of obtainable lottery prizes.

Monster Hunter Rise - Kagero Lottery Prizes and Guide

Kagero Lottery Prizes and Guide

What is Kagero’s Lottery?

Monster Hunter Rise - Kagero Lottery Prizes and Guide

Kagero’s lottery is a lottery feature that allows you to win prizes at Kagero the Merchant’s shop found at the Kamura Village plaza.

NPC Locations and Services

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page.

How to Play the Lottery

Talk to Kagero during a sale.

Based on official information, the lottery can be accessed by talking to Kagero at his shop whenever he holds a sale. You will be allowed one lottery draw during the period of the sale.

Use an amiibo figure.

Scanning an amiibo figure on your Nintendo Switch device grants you three (3) lottery draws from Kagero’s shop. Note that you can only use this method once per day per amiibo.

Amiibo lottery draws may not be exclusive to Monster Hunter Rise amiibo figures (to be confirmed)

It has not been stated on the game’s website whether this works only with Monster Hunter Rise amiibo figures so it may be possible to use any amiibo figure you may have to obtain prizes in the lottery.

How to Win Prizes

Official information on the game’s website states that prizes are won out of pure luck. More information on this will be added when the game comes out.

Kagero’s Lottery Prizes

Below is a list of all prizes that you can win in the lottery.

Item Type Details

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  1. I got a Lucky Felyne room decoration trinket. The description is “What lies inside its golden egg? Your wildest dreams? A tasty omelet?”