Monster Hunter Rise - Best Skills for Bow Weapon

All best skills for the Bow weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise, including an overview for each weapon skill and their skill effects.

Monster Hunter Rise - Best Skills for Bow Weapon

All Best Skills for Bow in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - Best Skills for Bow Weapon

Bow Weapon Guide

Bow Recommended Skills

Monster Hunter Rise - Bow Weapon Recommended Skills

Here is list of recommended skills for the Bow Hunter:

This is a tentative list based from previous Monster Hunter games. Skills are to be confirmed and changed when Monster Hunter Rise is officially released worldwide.

Bow Weapon Offensive Skills

Recommended Skill Skill Effect
Attack Boost Increases attack power. Also improves affinity at higher levels.
Critical Eye Increases affinity.
Critical Boost Increases the damage of critical hits. Synergizes well with weakness, exploit, maximum might, and critical eye skills.
Weakness Exploit Increases affinity when attacking monster weak points.
Agitator Increases attack power and affinity when large monsters become enraged.. Allows you to deal more damage when monster is angered.
Partbreaker Makes it easier to break or sever parts of large monsters.
Spread/ Power Shots Increases the attack power of spread ammo, power shot arrows, and Thousand Dragons.
Piercing Shots Increases the attack power of piercing ammo and Dragon Piercer.
Bow Charge Plus Increases max bow charge level by one.

Bow Weapon Defensive Skills

Recommended Skill Skill Effect
Divine Blessing Reduces knockbacks and stamina depletion when guarding.
Health Boost Increases health.
Evade Extender Increases evade distance.
Evade Window Extends the invulnerability period when evading.

Bow Weapon Utility Skills

Recommended Skill Skill Effect
Constitution Reduces stamina depletion when performing stamina-draining moves such as evading, etc.
Marathon Runner Slows down stamina depletion for actions which continuously drain stamina (such as dashing).
Stamina Surge Stamina recovery is sped up, allowing you to do more evading or Charged Shots.
Earplugs Grants protection from large monsters’ roars.

Other Weapons Skills

Best Weapon Skills for each Weapon
Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword IconGreat Sword Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword IconLong Sword Monster Hunter Rise - Sword and Shield IconSword and Shield
Dual Blades Lance Gunlance
Hammer Hunting Horn Switch Axe
Charge Blade Insect Glaive Light Bowgun
Heavy Bowgun Bow

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