Monster Hunter Rise - Game Controls

Breakdown of game controls in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise - Game Controls

Game Controls in Monster Hunter Rise

Here is a breakdown of game controls for each platform and system in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise):

Monster Hunter Rise - Nintendo Switch Game Controls

Input Action
L Stick Character Direction / Movement / Move Palamute
R Stick Adjust Camera
L and R Stick (Press)
X Button Unsheath / Light attack / Attack (palamute)
Y Button Item / Sheathe
A Button
(While Sheathed)
Examine / Decide / Talk / Use
A Button
(With weapon)
Heavy attack
A Button (Hold) Ride Palamute (when near)
B Button
(While Sheathed)
Crouch / Dodge / Jump
B Button
(With weapon)
B Button Get off mount (palamute)
L Button Reset Camera
L Button (Hold) Display shortcut
Left / Right (D pad) Scroll actions
L Button (Hold) Y / A Scroll items
L Button (Hold) X / B Scroll ammo / coatings
L Button (Hold) + R Stick Use shortcuts
ZL Button (Hold) Wirebug action
ZL Button (Hold) A Forward (Wirebug)
ZL Button (Hold) X Diagonal jump (Wirebug)
ZL Button (Hold) ZR Move in that direction (Wirebug)
ZL Button (L Stick) Drift (palamute)
R Button (Hold) Sprint / Slide / Dash (palamute)
ZR Button Jump (palamute)
– (Minus) Button Toggle chat menu
– (Minus) Button (Hold) Toggle map
+ (Plus) Button Toggle start menu
+ (Plus) Button (Hold) L or R Choose action slider
+ (Plus) Button (Hold) Up or Down Use action slider

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