Monster Hunter Rise - How to Unlock More Submarine Slots

Guide on how to unlock more submarine slots in Monster Hunter Rise, including overview, details, and steps.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Unlock More Submarine Slots

How to Unlock More Submarine Slots


By default, you have one submarine slot to work with. You can earn more slots by completing certain requests or achieving milestones.

Submarines can be found in Argosy. You can send a buddy on an expedition to barter for an item. Before sending a buddy to go out on an adventure, you can set which item you want your buddy to be looking for and the quantity. Items can range from plants, berries, mushrooms, or insects and fishes.

Argosy Trading Guide

How to get more submarines

  • After becoming a rank 2 Hunter, you can expand the submarine slot for the first time.
  • The next submarine slot appears after you finis the request “Cultural Exchange.”
  • It is likely that the last slot can be unlocked by completing another Village request. We will update this as we go along.

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