Monster Hunter Rise - How to Farm Honey

Honey farming guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Detailed here are the best methods to farm honey fast by trading with the Argosy, including methods to increase trade limit, and useful items crafted using honey.

Monster Hunter Rise - How to Farm Money

How to Farm Honey

Trade with the Argosy

You can trade with the Argosy to easily farm Honey for crafting various healing items and consumables. Talk to Rondine at the Argosy dock by heading to the far right of the Buddy Scout center.

Argosy Trading Guide

Steps to Farm Honey with the Argosy

1 Hire a buddy to have a spare.
2 Talk to Rondine and set the buddy in the trade frame.
3 Select Honey as a trade item.
4 You will receive Honey after clearing a quest.

You can stock up to 20 trade items so try to trade for Honey regularly when progressing through the various quests in the game.

How to Unlock the Argosy Trade Ship

The Argosy trade ship feature will be unlocked after progressing to the ★2 Village Quests. Be sure to visit Rondine near the Buddy Scout center to begin trading.

Increasing the Trade Limit

Clearing the ★3 Village Quest “Intercultural Exchange with Special Products” adds a submarine and increases the trade limit with the Argosy.

Raise Your Buddy’s Level to Learn “Negotiation Technique.”

When your buddy grows to level 5, they will learn the skill “Nobi Nobi Negotiation Technique” which slightly increases the items you will get for a duration of 6 quests.

If your buddy reaches level 15, they will learn “Seca Seca Negotiation Technique” which further increases the items obtained for a duration of 3 quests.

Items Crafted with Honey

Many potent healing items require honey to craft so it is worth amassing a good supply of them at all times. Below is a list of items that you can make using honey.

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Item Crafted
Potion Honey Mega Potion
First-aid Med Honey First-aid Med+
Bitterbug Honey Catalyst
Nitroshroom Honey Energy Drink

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